Marina Bay Sands SweetSpot Deli – Bringing New York A Little Closer To Singapore!


The New York gourmet deli experience gets a little closer to Singapore with the launch of Marina Bay Sand’s own SweetSpot Deli. With a range of gourmet sandwiches and nifty desserts to choose from, all at reasonable prices and in generous portions, this is one place for that fantastic quick bite before heading out to the city or a quick pit stop for a meal before catching the performance at the theatres. With favourites like the Pastrami and Mustard on Rye and Lemon Meringue Tart, this is one deli I wished could be a little closer to home.

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Most of the sandwiches at the deli are available in either the regular (70 grams) or large (110 grams) portion. I would highly recommend going for the large sandwich and then sharing it with a friend, or simply pack it for later. A key favourite to begin with is the Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Tomato and Red Onion on Toasted Sesame Bagel (one size only at $13). My first thought when this dish was served was “woah, look at all that salmon”. It was a pleasure with every bite as all my personal favourites of salmon, cream cheese and bagel were there in a single sitting. The smoked salmon, a touch salty, complements the more neutral and buttery sweet cream cheese well. Pair these ingredients with the toasted sesame bagel, simply for that crunch in between, and what you get is a whole hearty meal from start to end.

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Sides Coleslaw ($2), Potato Salad ($2)

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If you look forward to a good serving of turkey breast, choose the US Turkey Breast, Lettuce, Tomato, Dijon Mustard, Mayonnaise on Rustic White Bread ($8 or $11). A simple sandwich, nothing too much to fuss about, but still a good portion for the healthy in you.

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My personal favourite out of the three sandwich (though I’m highly contesting this with the smoked salmon) is the Pastrami, Swiss Cheese, Coleslaw and Russian Dressing on Grilled Rye ($9 or $14). This is the sandwich that has left me dreaming about it for weeks, and something thoroughly wished the deli was a little closer to home. The swiss cheese beautifully complements the savoury, slightly salty and meaty pastrami. The Russian dressing blends well with the coleslaw in compacting flavours whilst giving a creamy texture. Combine everything with grilled rye just for that sweet textural crunch, and what you get is a mouthful of savoury flavours bursting to your satisfaction. Oh, there’s the pickle to wash it all down. (If you like pickle)

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For those seeking something a little warm and fuzzy in a cold, rainy day, there is the Chicken Soup with Matzo Ball ($6) as one option to drive the blues away. Matzo ball is made from Matzo meal (unleavened dough) and egg, giving a rather neutral sweet flavour that absorbs the chicken soup’s flavour.

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New York style desserts are also available over the counter. The Marble Cheesecake ($8) as with all the other desserts served up, is a generous portion for one to indulge in.

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Personally, my favourite had to be the Lemon Meringue Pie ($8). Creamy, tart, luscious, and addictive with each bite, it was simply refreshing to take bites of this in between a cup of good tea to while the afternoon away. It is one of the better lemon meringue tarts I’ve come across.

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For the chocolate lover in you, there is the Devil’s Chocolate Cake ($8) served in gorgeous layers of brown brown and more brown. Thick, heavy, and accented with sweet fragrance, I thought this was good though one will get tired of this after some time.

Dining at SweetSpot Deli is a fulfilling experience when one considers going there for an affordable option within the Marina Bay Sands area and receiving relatively gourmet choices that is quite different from the ordinary deli in Singapore. I loved the sandwiches the most, with the lemon meringue pie being the dessert to go for as a beautiful end. However, the deli’s ambience and dining style is extremely casual that is perhaps not the most befitting for the brand within Marina Bay Sands. While I am ok with the use of disposable plates, the seating arrangement is particularly cramp, with not the most efficient use of space throughout. Also, the cushioned seats were too ‘comfy’ and I literally sank in my seat only to prop myself up to partake in my meal properly. That said, if you are just there for the food and especially the gourmet sandwiches, everything else might not really matter.

Thank you Marina Bay Sands for the invitation

SweetSpot Deli
Bay Level
The Shoppes
Marina Bay Sands

Opens From:
Sun-Thu, and PH:  8am to 11pm
Fri, Sat and PH Eve:  8am to Midnight