Marina Bay Sands, Seven Gastronomic Journeys under One Roof

(From left) Daniel Boulud, Guy Savoy, Santi Santamaria, Tetsuya Wakuda, Justin Quek

Marina Bay Sands official opened yesterday on the 23rd of June. Today, in conjunction with the resort’s celebrations, the seven celebrity chef’s restaurants were featured. The chefs are all big names and renowned throughout the world, and with Marina Bay Sands gathering them under one magnificent resort, an explosion of gastronomic culinary delights awaits.

Internationally familiar names, the celebrity chefs adorned the stage today for an introduction and press conference with the world media. Daniel Boulud, Guy Savoy, Santi Santamaria, Tetsuya Wakuda and Justin Quek were present today with Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck away due to other commitments.

Much anticipation awaits for the culinary society in Singapore. Perhaps even a Michelin star awaits?

The media conference was packed with close to 300 hundred people. And impressively, reporters and newscasters came from all over the world, including places like Egypt and the UK.

Labeled as a “dream team that is nearly impossible to surpass”, the group of chefs with their fine dining restaurants are further diversifying the food scene in the nation.

After the media conference, everyone was invited to a food tasting of each of the celebrity chef’s signature dishes. And I have to admit, dishes that carry much robust flavour that either highlight the singular important ingredient behind it or is a medley of tastes combined.

IMG_8415 IMG_8419IMG_8411 IMG_8408

My most memorable sampling came from Guy Savoy’s Artichoke Soup with Black Truffles and toast with truffle butter. Decadently heavenly, this was the cream of the cream of mushrooms. Once the warm toast bread spread lovingly with truffle butter is dipped into the thick soup, the infusion begins. Pop it in the mouth, and an explosion of tastes erupts. Creamy, crisp, earthy, buttery, smooth and an enthralling delight of warm soothing flavours. Culinary delight? Yes!



300 days Grain Fed Beef with Poached Quail Egg on Cream of Spinach. Tastes of the ingredients is emphasised strongly in this dish by Wolfgang Puck. The beef was tender with a youthful yet matured rustic flavoured behind which is carried out by the scattering of rough salt and ground black pepper over the meat. For the poached quail egg, this is one serving that is so sinful with all that yolk that I simply must admit I would love having it again. Done just right, the bed of cream of spinach provides a remarkable contrast in tastes.


For a Singaporean like myself, its nice to see that Justin Quek has made it to the stage as a celebrity chef.  A Founding Chef of the Les Amis Group, he left it in 2004 to venture abroad for experience and exposure. And now he is back with his restaurant at the pinnacle of Marina Bay Sands.

In his menu, he will feature a degustation of both local and international classics and adapting it with French cuisine culture. I posed a question to him during the group interview and asked him “How do you create a dish, with the final flavours in mind? Or with the ingredient to start with?” And spoken like a true chef, he told me that for his creation of dishes, it is ultimately two things. The combination of ingredients to create harmonious tastes and of course, experience.


Only two of the 7 restaurants have opened. But I already can’t wait. For that exquisite fine dining experience right here back home – Marina Bay Sands.

More Photos of the Event!

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Many thanks to Sue-Ann from Edelman Singapore, Val Chua Corporate Communications Manager Marina Bay Sands for inviting me to this media event.