Man Fu Yuan Intercontinental Singapore Mooncakes 2014

InterContinental Singapore Snow Skin Mooncake Combination - low res

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival will happen on the 8th of September 2014. Starting from now and in the weeks to come, restaurants, bakeries, hotels and even Singapore Airlines will be offering a selection of mooncake delights for all to choose from. Man Fu Yuan at the Intercontinental Singapore is presenting range of classic baked delights complemented by an assortment of delicately crafted snowskin gems. New this year is the series of Shanghai Mooncakes where a buttery pastry crust is used to encase the luxuriously smooth lotus paste stuffed with either macadamia nuts or the robustly flavoured salted egg yolk. The packaging for this year’s mooncakes are also elegantly beautiful. An amethyst-hued coffret designed in collaboration with students from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, with each mooncake individually packaged with its own butterfly box makes the mooncake choices from Man Fu Yuan excellent gifts for friends, loved ones and business associates.

The snowskin mooncakes available this year are:

  • Green tea paste with dragonball jasmine
  • Mao Shan Wang Durian with Coconut
  • White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts
  • Sesame Paste with Sesame Seeds

A Snowskin Mooncake Combination which includes one of each variant above will retail for $57++. The selection of Mao Shan Wang Durian with Coconut is available in pairs ($31++) or as a set of four ($57++).

InterContinental Singapore Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks Mooncake - low res

Mooncake classics like the double salted egg yolk; assorted nuts; and red bean paste with melon seeds will also be available.

InterContinental Singapore Shanghai Mooncake with Single Yolk - low res

Man Fu Yuan’s Dim Sum Chef Simon Poon’s Shanghai Mooncakes

  • Shanghai Mooncake with Single Yolk ($57++ for 4 pcs / $31++ for 2 pcs)
  • Shanghai Mooncake with Mixed Nuts ($55++ for 4 pcs / $30++ for 2 pcs)

InterContinental Singapore Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake - low res

Man Fu Yuan Mooncakes are available now till 8 September 2014 at Tea Hut, located at the entrance of the Intercontinental Singapore,  and at various other locations across Singapore. There is a 30% early bird promotion off the total retail price for 4 piece mooncakes valid until the 8th of August. For more information, call Man Fu Yuan at 6820 8519 or email You can also visit their website here at