Man Fu Yuan, Chinese Fine Dining at the Intercontinental Singapore

For all diners who know Man Fu Yuan at the Intercontinental Singapore, it is now opened after a 2 month revamp. The Cantonese restaurant now takes a stronger Fine Dining approach with an inclusion of European styles of presentation, plating, and serving in addition to the traditional Family sized servings.

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The interior is nicely and tastefully designed with the private rooms bearing a sense of exclusivity, simple rich colours, and homeliness. And with the dishes such as the Shark’s Cartilage Soup and the Floral Pastry with Lotus Paste Centre made to impress, this is Fine Chinese Cuisine with a wholesome exquisite take to it.


The restaurant is also bringing in Tea Pairing with its cuisine. To start off, we had the Man Fu Yuan Special 5 Elements Blend. The tea is a deep shade of golden brown with the glass playing a nice light effect towards its base. Its flavour is calm and neutral, bordering sweetness with minimal hint of tea bitterness. Floral scented, this was a very nice touch to the start.

The first dish which arrived was the Amuse Bouche (appetizer) of Sliced Beancurd. Chewy, meaty with a well balanced scale of saltiness, the beancurd was a hit with me (i.e I love tofu). The savouriness was a decent palate opener to the meal.


A trio combination was then served to the table consisting of a carefully Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling, Chee Cheong Funn in Superior Soy Sauce and Marinated Crab Claw.


Starting from the deep fried glutinous rice dumpling, the first texture encountered is a crisp finish, followed by a second layer of chewy skin and lastly meeting the stuffing within. Not too sweet with little oil left glazing on the skin, it was a simple dim sum dish of fried pastries remade.


The Chee Cheong Funn was also well immersed in the delicately flavoured soy sauce. While the rice noodles was firm, though not throughly soft and silky smooth, it carried the sauce up well dutifully flavouring each portion.

IMG_3084The crab claw is certainly meant to make diners go wow, as the whole huge crab claw looked divine with the sauce smothered all over it. Decently fresh tasting, with meaty tender portions, the claw was a nice way to end the first dish.

I heard the next dish was a particular favourite for diners at the restaurant. The Shark’s Cartilage Soup with Treasures is one dish that is impressive because of the varied ingredients within. But what is more outstanding is the broth itself as it is collage rich, silky smooth, with a slight pleasurable sticky aftertaste to it. Savoury with a tinge of sweetness, each sip is hearty and warming to the tummy. Its one soup that goes very easily for me.


One more shot for the camera


The Smoked Duck with Royal Daffodil has its main ingredient from the young duckling instead of the matured fowls. This leaves the meat tender and I felt it to be slightly deliciously fattier all while easily absorbing the delicate light tea scent. The skin is also a crisp bite with the even browness holding a glazed sweetness.


I was fortunate to receive the saucier version of the Lobster Stewed Noodles as the flavour stands out most strongly in the cream coloured liquid. While the noodles have nicely soaked in the savoury sea flavours, it was a pretty mild dish with the chunky pieces of lobster being popped in three seconds.


A palate cleanser of Sour Plum Juice was served before desserts to refresh the tastebuds.


The first dessert served was an impressive Flower Pastry with Lotus Paste Centre. Shaded in hues of yellow and red and topped with a serving of brown sugar crystals all while hiding the bud of lotus paste in the middle, this dish looked too beautiful to eat. Its mildly sweet with the oil being used to deep fry the petals non existent on the dish. Light tasting with a crisp texture, this dish is a thumbs up in presentation. The perilla leaf at the bottom lends a nice tangy herbal taste that removes any heaviness from the sweetness of the lotus paste.


Another must try is the Cream of Pumpkin with Ice Cream. The pumpkin is surprisingly light, smooth and frothy, and not the heavy clunky version one would expect. The flavour is almost neutral on its own but with the coconut milk, streaks of husky sweetness is unmistakable. The ice cream cool nature takes this dish to the next level as its calm disposition creates a semblance of harmony with the ingredients.


One of the largest Private Dining Rooms : Jasmine (40 diners)

Man Fu Yuan’s serving of signature dishes during lunch last Monday showcased some of the memorable dishes of the restaurant. I went away thinking about the Shark’s Bone Cartilage Broth and the Deep Fried Floral Pastry is unforgettable. Enjoying the cuisine in the fine decor of wood and gold, the comfort tends toward a classic detached Chinese European journey. And if the dishes are to be secondary, one can simply choose the finesse of tea appreciation by the restaurant’s tea master, and maybe with pieces of Sweet Potato Mooncake in this upcoming Mooncake festival.

Many Thanks to Suzy T\PR for the invitation.

Man Fu Yuan
Level 2,
Intercontinental Singapore
80 Middle Road,
Singapore 188966
Reservations : 6825 1062

Opens from :
Lunch 1145am to 3.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm to 10.30pm