Malted Milk, Unwind & Enjoy More Than 50 Varieties of Beer!

Nothing speaks more of a adrenaline rushed bar with more than 50 different varieties of beer available. With labels hailing all over the globe from countries such as the US, Australia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Philippines, Thailand, Sweden, South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK, Germany, Scotland and even Armenia, this is one global sports bar.

Prefer something which is strong, full bodied with an oomph in each gulp, some of the bar’s gold labels might be to your preference. But if you prefer a cheery light, sweet tasting and fruity scent, then the fruit beers might be like honey on your palate. Whichever the case, with more than 50 varieties, there has to be something for everybody.


In this festive season, the Christmas Beer Bucket is out in addition to the Championship Bucket and the Real Women Drink Beer Bucket.


For $55++, the 6 beers of Kopparberg, Heineken, Leffe Blonde, Three Oaks Cider, Meantime Londer Lager and the Schneider Weisse Tap 7 are served chilled in a green bucket and a christmas ornament to boot. For a closer look at each beer, I have provided a short description based on the menu provided.


Schneider Weiss Tap 7 500ml Wheat 5.4% Germany – Nuances of ripe bananas, clove, nutmeg and nuts create the aroma.


Kopparberg Pear 330ml Cider 4.5% Sweden – Light in colour and refreshingly fruity to taste.


Three Oak Cider 330ml Cider 5.0% Australia – Crisp and clean with fresh notes of green apple, passionfruit and pear.


Meantime London 330ml Lager 4.5% England – Good floral hops upfront and a little bit of spice mixed in.


Leffe 330ml Abbey 6.6% Belgium – Sweet, full bodied maltineess, fruity palate and a long bitter finish.


As an extra touch for the night, one of the most popular drinks was ordered – the North Taiwan Lychee Beer ($12) 330ml fruit 4.0% Taiwan. Refreshing and sweet, with a crisp clear aftertaste, the whole concept of beer drinking has been revamped for me. Almost to say, it is like a very nice glass of ice wine, thoguh in this case, it is Lychee Beer. Fruity scent anyone?


As Malted Milk is by The Timbre Group, Timbre’s famed thin crust pizzas also make a select appearance. Though for a platter of bites to share amongst friends and family, there is the Milk’s Basket ($30) which is an assorted mix of Asian inspired chicken wings, Buffalo chicken wings, Calamari Rings and Cajun spiced fries. Usual Beer grub but with some excellent sauce, I say that garlic infused mayo is especially seductive.


And for some Tapas to go along, there is the Grilled Calamari with Spicy Culo sauce ($16). Enjoy the crunchiness and excellent sweet sauce that brings out the smoky flavours of the grill. I loved it.


For the main there is the Grilled Salmon with Sundried Tomato Garlic Butter ($22). It’s nice with the oily fish taste being slightly accentuated with the tomato garlic butter and cream sauce ladled around. But if it were me to go along with beer, the dishes need to be slightly stronger and heavier.


While the salmon has been acceptable for me, I say that the BBQ Cornish Game Hen ($16) is even better. Marinated with inhouse spices, roasted and then baked, the cornish game hen carries tender meat throughout that is well flavoured with a very nice amount of fat weaved within. The charred parts are especially tasty and the juciness spread is largely even.

A full house come 9pm

The Bar Counter

Where all the bites come from.

The entire concept of Malted Milk is pretty much simple and straightforward. Excellent choice of beer with a decent spread of bites and snacks to go around makes the sports bar the place to be after work each night. However, the locality is pretty much al fresco so when the rain comes, most of the bar shifts indoors albeit with a compromise of seats and table space. The layout is also sparse and simple, so full focus draws on the beer, food, and the giant projector screen. But if you want to have a cozy spot and maybe even catch the live band which plays Wednesdays to Fridays 7.15pm to 10.30pm, Malted Milk might be that secret bar place to be at and partake in the fuzzy night atmosphere.

Thank You The Timbre Group for the invitation

Malted Milk
3 Nanson Road (off Mohamed Sultan Road)
Studio M Hotel
Level 1
Singapore 238910

Opens from:
Mon-Thu 6pm to Midnight
Fri-Sat 6pm to 1am
Sun 6pm to Midnight

Contact : 6808 8851
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