Luxurious Signatures This Lunar New Year at Jade, The Fullerton Hotel!


Jade, The Fullerton Hotel will welcome the coming year of the Horse with a selection of luxurious gastronomical delights to tease the senses. With new and traditional delights that will delight both the young and old, Jade’s Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng and his team, promises something for every family, friend or business associate. Highlights for the night include the Eight Treasures Signature Pen Cai, Sauteed Boston Lobster in Spicy Cheese Sauce, and the Rose Flavoured Water Chestnut Cake that is a beautiful combination of textures and layered sweetness. Ready for a bountiful harvest this lunar new year?

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Start off with the Eight Happiness Gold Rush Yu Sheng ($78++ for 6, $118++ for 8). Prepared with a combination of champagne jelly, salmon, olive oil, apple plum dressing on top of a collection of grated vegetables colourful seasonings.

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The flavour of olive oil and apple plum dressing is a beautiful tart sweet mix to the yu sheng, giving an overall lightness to the dish. The presentation is kept simple and traditional, with flavours that will be appreciated by all.

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The Braised Bird’s Nest with Crab Meat and Eggy White in Superior Broth is Jade’s contemporary alternative to the traditional sharksfin. Served in a thick, and savoury broth with the fluffy bite of egg white, the dish is complemented with a drizzle of tart vinegar to brighten the heartiness.

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Families seeking a grand offering to usher in the new year will relish in the Eight Treasures Signature Pen Cai. Available for dine-in at $88++ per person or takeaway at $98++ per person (minimum of 6 persons for both), the pen cai is a premium mix of abalone, seafood, meat, and vegetables. The full list of ingredients include premium Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Dried Scallops, Pork Fore Shank, Dried Oysters, Flower Mushrooms, Roasted Duck, Chicken Wings stuffed with Chinese Ham, Prawn Balls stuffed with Foie Gras, Fish Rolls, Goose Web, Yam, Lotus Root, Chinese Cabbage, Carrot, Leek and Bai Ling Mushrooms

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Dried scallops, goose webs, abalone, prawn ball stuffed with foie gras and fish maw make up the beautiful first luxurious serve.

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Follow it up with a selection of roasted meats, vegetables, lotus roots, yam, and pork.

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One key highlight that is a must order is the Sauteed Boston Lobster in Spicy Cheese Sauce ($38++ for half at 300g or whole at $76++). The lobster is stir fried quickly over a medium heat and then coated with a creamy and spicy cheese sauce through and through. The result? A simple yet elegantly flavoured dish that is rich in umami, seafood sweetness and meaty textures.

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The staple of Fragrant Wok Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage, Preserved Meats and Omellete is a charming and exquisite mix. I particularly enjoyed the grainy, fluffy rice with that wonderful coat of gloss and flavour all over. I was quite intrigued with the omellete for its refined, extremely crepe like texture yet choke full of flavour. I give a full thumbs up for this!

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End off the meal with some Nian Gao Tarts or Rose Flavoured Water Chestnut Cake. Having nian gao served tartlike brings a familiar yet refreshing way to enjoy the traditional dessert. The tart is a good crumble, followed with the chewy and slightly sticky glutinous rice cake. Still, my favourite will have to go to the Rose Flavoured Water Chestnut Cake for its crisp battered outer layer, followed by a decadent sweet chew within. The sweet treats are well complemented with a serving of Warm Ginger Tea served with a ball of Wheatgrass Glutinous Rice Dumpling filled with Sweet Walnuts.

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The Dessert Sculpture, special for the night

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Pineapple Cookies and Rose Flavoured Water Chestnut Cke

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The Lunar New Year dishes at Jade are a good selection for those seeking to delight during that business luncheon or family dinner. Most of the highlights listed above are exquisitely crafted with an excellent amount of tradition interspersed with homely flavours. Contemporary highlights like the Sauteed Boston Lobster in Spicy Cheese Sauce stand out from the conventional and will do good in impressing tastebuds of everyone at the dining table. With ‘Spring’ set to come, this Lunar New Year at Jade will be one that is memorable, especially for those seeking an elegant central place to dine at.

Thank you The Fullerton Hotel for the invitation

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