Love Almonds? Adore Tarts? Feast On These.

 DSCF7025 Amande Almond Bakery
C.K. Tang Basement 1
310 & 320 Orchard Road

Numerous choices of tarts and pastries to choose from, at affordable prices and delicious enough to sate your craving.


Whiff the freshly baked tarts that emerge from the oven and left on the rack to cool. Feast your eyes on the assortment of pastries that is enough to make any almond lover mouth water. Amande Almond Bakery perhaps even has stock in the almond industries for all the almonds they use. In anycase, the tarts are good, delicious and yes, easy on the wallet.


Almond Stock (fore), Apple Stock (rear)

I decided to try the Almond stock as after all, this is an Almond bakery. Their almond goodies have to be good to get the name of “goodies” – Ok I am being a little wee bit lame here.

The Almond stock had a firm outer texture that crumbles easily on the bite. Within, a coconut mixed filling made up the rest of the tart and crispy almond slices were drizzled on the top followed by a sweet glaze of syrup. I found it easy on the palate and definitely better once heated up for a minute or so in the oven.


 Chewy and Sweet Apple Stock. I particularly enjoyed the centre part where a thick sugar syrup held the apple slices together giving that all sticky texture.

The Apple Stock is rather baseless. I mean it literally. There is no base for the pie, sounds to me like a crossbreed of a quiche and a pie which the bakery is famous for. Well, the Apple Stock is generally sweet all over and a good friend of the tooth fairy. However, the sticky syrup in the centre may not appeal to everyone as it is not every day that one would enjoy having a gummy substance gluing up the entire mouth.


From $2.00 a piece to $12.00 for a large pie, Amande Almond Bakery definitely serves up to your wallet in a prime district area and enough to satisfy your craving of that little sweet tooth of yours. There is also a number of other Kuehs and sweets available, but hey when they say this is an Almond Bakery, I believe the Almond stuff would be the best. Otherwise, why call in Amande with the logo of an Almond?