Local Delights Infused with a Korean touch!


I guess what I did last Saturday might be considered sacrilegious to the true blue fans of local cuisine. But as far as fusion cuisine goes, I guess that I do have a bit of a leeway, especially since everything tastes just as good, and if possibly, better!

Imagine Chicken rice being served with kimchi. And the spicy lipsmacking chilli dip that goes along is actually an infusion of Korean Pork Bulgogi sauce melded together with chilli, garlic, ginger and lime juice. Not forgetting the traditional favourite popiah where the turnips are forgone and replaced with Korean Sweet Potato glass noodles. And it is as exciting as it sounds. For this is a new take on local dishes with Korean delights as created by Chef Mervyn from Cookyn with Mervyn!


For the cookyn (thats how Mervyn spells it) session last Saturday, four delights are made with the infusion of Korean sauces and ingredients.

  • Chicken rice served with Kimchi and a chilli dip made with Korean Pork Bulgogi Sauce
  • Fruit rojak with a Beef Bulgogi Sauce base (no more prawn paste!)
  • Popiah stuffed with Korean Sweet Potato Glass Noodles cooked with the savoury sweet Beef Bulgogi Sauce
  • Traditional Pork Belly braised with Beef Bulgogi Sauce and herbs served on a bed of kimchi

The stuffing of Sweet Potato Glass Noodles is definitely a unique approach for me. Yes, I do love my turnips and meaty stuffings, but now a sweeter and just as delicious take is simply there. And the best part? Its very easy to do.

Korean Sweet Potato Glass Noodles. I once bought this a couple of months ago and attempted to make my own version of the dish (minus the popiah). But since realising that the sauce base can be greatly simplified by using Beef Bulgogi sauce, Korean cuisine here I come!

Chef Mervyn with his wife and Hostess Extraordinaire, Amanda

Chef Mervyn (in red) explaining the Beef Bulgogi sauce to be used on the presoaked Korean Sweet Potato Glass Noodles

In the pan goes the sauce with sliced carrots and spring onions.


For the Chicken Rice served with Kimchi, the sweet spicy tangy flavours together with the crunchy vegetables surprisingly complements each other quite well. A tad opinion I would have is to heat the kimchi up so that it is of the same temperature as the rice to maximise enjoyment.

And yes the Chicken Rice chilli was made by me manually pounding the ingredients of ginger, garlic, chilli, chilli padi, korean pork bulgogi sauce and lime juice altogether. The result? A sweeter version than the original with a more rounded taste at the end instead of the acidity sharp traditional.

I have to agree this is the best dish for the day. The Pork Belly braised with Beef Bulgogi Sauce served on a bed of kimchi is delightful altogether. The pork belly, braised tenderly in the beef bulgogi broth for 2 hours is tender soft and well infused with the sweet and savouriness of the liquid. Pair that with the kimchi and you get a mix of crunchy soft textures with a myriad of flavours ranging from the spicy sweet to the silky sweet. The recipe? Chef Mervyn tells me its very simple.

  • Place the 1kg pork belly in approximately 2 litres water
    • Add in 1 bottle of CJ Cheiljedang Beef Bulgogi Sauce
    • 8 cloves of garlic
    • 2 stalks celery chopped, 2 onions peeled and whole
    • Boil for 2 hours till very very soft.
    • Serve with kimchi.

I amaze at its simplicity.

For this cooking party, everyone surely had fun experimenting with bringing in Korean flavours from CJ Cheiljedang sauces into Singapore’s local delights. An interesting new take, and some even with bringing out the best in the ingredient! Now, I am so gonna make that Braised Pork Belly.

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Thank You Rosemary, Cheryl, and Wei Ling from Hill&Knowlton for the invitation. Thank You Chef Mervyn and Hostess Extraordinaire Amanda for the cookyn party! Korean Products introduced and sponsored by CJ Cheiljedang.