Li Bai’s Delectable Roast Goose Rice Dumpling!


This Dumpling festival season, I have discovered yet another delectable delight. From the well familiar Li Bai’s Chinese restaurant at Sheraton Towers Singapore comes a rice dumpling of tasty proportions – the Steamed Roast Goose Rice Dumpling.


The dumpling arrives in the restaurant’s delicately designed red box with gold trimmings. Makes a perfect gift in all proper presentations.



However, the real deal itself is the dumping within. The Steamed Roast Goose Rice Dumpling ( 燒鵝百寶粽- $33) comes with a generous stuffing of beans, peanuts, dried conpoy, chestnuts and Chinese mushrooms to top. And embedded within is the chunky pieces of roast goose meat that pulls its own weight with savoury scented meat and a wholesome texture in every bite. A big portion, enough for at least two persons while sipping some fine hot Chinese tea.

I love the dumpling for what it is, and the price sure makes a very good impression as a gift. Talk about dumpling lavishness.

Li Bai
Contact : 68395623