Let’s Sweets, Enchanting Affordable Dessert Paradise


I have often come across Japanese Buffets, Indian Buffets, Dim Sum Buffets and even the all exotic Meat Buffets, but this is perhaps my first time to a Japanese Dessert Buffet! From the popular brands such as “Ajisen Ramen”, “Manpuku”, “Botejyu”, “Fruit Paradise” and “Aoba” under its belt, Japan Foods Holding Ltd is launching a new concept of desserts and sweets, served a la buffet style – “Let’s Sweets”!

Of course, desserts are not the only sweets there. Chef Chika Hatekeyama (center) poses with two of her teammates during the media launch.

I was boggled by the wide array of desserts available. Varied hues, textures, and varieties, this was almost a Japanese dessert heaven.

IMG_9788 IMG_9792 IMG_9800 IMG_9790

There is a spread of more than 40 different creations such as the Souffle Cheese Cake, Gelee de Fraise, Mousse aux Banana and the Tarte aux Noix.


Most of the desserts were well crafted and each of them carried an air of delicate finesse about them. The Chocolate Mousse which I had was served up warm and cooling on the rack. Digging into it, a burst of chocolate fragrance strikes the air and while the outer shell remains crisp, the insides remain moist and deep in velvety chocolate goodness with layers of liquid chocolate oozing slowy out.

 IMG_9811 IMG_9849 

A live Crepe station is also available. Three types of crepes are offered. Chocolate Banana Crepe, Mixed Berry Crepe, and Caramel Apple Crepe using handmade caramel sauce. I had the Caramel Apple Crepe which was decently served and not too sweet with slices of fresh candied apple topped on the warm crepe with vanilla ice cream.

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A unique dessert available at Let’s Sweets is the Dancing Yaki Mochi. The pan shakes vigorously giving the illusion of the mochi dancing, though its more a mere vibration. 5 flavours Sakura Cherry Blossoms, Red Bean, Miso, Black Sesame and Sweet Potato are up for grabs. Generally, the filling is sweet and heavy with the skin being a little thick and perhaps crispy if the mochi is cooked for too long. 

To complement the sweets, Let’s Sweets also offer a selected range of savouries of Pastas, Pizzas, Omurice with Demiglace sauce, and Gratins.

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For a dessert buffet restaurant, Let’s Sweets offers up a decent spread and variety of both sweet delights and savouries to complement along with it. At the price from $14.80++ onwards, the restaurant places itself as a value for money visit. The only catch would be that diners have a time limit of 60 minutes for lunch and 80 minutes for dinner.

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The ambience is generally spacious with vibrant natural lighting entering from the glassed skyroof at Bugis Junction, giving an impression of al fresco dining albeit with air conditioning for a section of the restaurant. Good quality, an extensive array in the menu together with affordable pricing will keep me coming back for more.


This Media Session was hosted by Let’s Sweets and Olive Consulting Group. Thank you Carolyn Goh and Eugene Tan from Olive Consulting Group for the invitation.

Let’s Sweets
Bugis Junction

Lunch : 11.30am – 4.30pm
Dinner : 5.30pm – 10.00pm

Lunch (60mins) : $14.80++ Dinner  (80mins) : $18.80++
Weekends, Public Holidays
Lunch (60mins)  : $15.80++ Dinner (80mins)  : $19.80++

  • lin

    what happen if you take more than the required time? what the charges like?

    • Justin Pereira

      Hi Lin,

      According to the marketing personnel, 5-10 mins overtime is fine. But if you happen to take longer than usual, the charges will be pro rated. Which to my understanding is an additional fee on top of the buffet price based on the extra time taken.


  • Mei

    Hey. Just wanna ask do we need reservations for this? coz in another website they said that it needs reservation

    • Justin Pereira

      Hi Mei,

      hmm i’m not sure if there is a need for reservations but the last time i walked past the area the queue was quite long. so perhaps reservations would be a good idea.


  • Alexis

    Hi 🙂

    Is the spread same during lunch and dinner?

    • Justin Pereira

      Hi Alexis, from the menu which I received, it is more or less fixed throughout the day and some items might be subjected to seasonal availability.


  • Foodaholic

    Hi, are the desserts available the same for lunch and dinner? 😀

    • Justin Pereira

      Hi foodaholic, I believe the desserts should be the same durin lunch and dinner. Though there might be some changes bases on seasonal ingredients.


  • Christina

    The food look nice and my friend ask me to try it out but i reject her due to the time limit as i would want to relax while eating and chatting with my friend instead of rushing the food due to the time limit given.

    • Justin Pereira

      Hi Christina,

      Yeah the time limit can be quite a hassle. But if you have a good recommendation, do share.


  • Al Sim

    The outlet I ate at Bishan (before it closed down) had slightly different desserts as compared to yours at Bugis. Haha, by the way, how you get the 3 ladies to pose in front of the camera for you? =D

    • Hello,

      Thanks for visiting my site!
      This was at their grand opening and that time they had the whole team of Japanese chefs down, and I asked for a picture !


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