Late Plate, Say Good Morning To All Day Breakfast At Kent Ridge!

Fancy tucking in to a lovely spread of dishes for brunch? Some names to visit along Dempsey and Rochester might just pop up. But for an adventure into the realms of knowledge and curiosity, traverse a little further west into the pristine campus of the National University of Singapore. Then say Good Morning to the all day brunch affair made available for all at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House’s latest cafe-restaurant, Late Plate!

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Helmed by Executive Chef Roland Graham of fame at The Australian in New York and PS Cafe in Singapore, Chef Roland is back to craft innovative delicacies to whet tastebuds! As guests warm up to the sunny day where almost anytime is truly fitting for breakfast, this is Late Plate, where the term Good Morning can be used all day round!


Morning perk me ups perhaps come no better than freshly mixed fruit juices from the kitchen! For two vibrantly coloured delicacies, opt for the Detox (Cucumber, Celery, Granny Smith) or Rejuvenate (Watermelon, Celery, Strawberries) ($7 ea). With hues so pristine, each sip was refreshing and crisp to the taste. And with the drinks nicely chilled with the ice, cools shivers are not to be missed. Though for the Rejuvenate which I had, I anticipated a little more distinctive sweetness from the watermelon.


To start off the day, the choice of Dips of the Day ($15) is perhaps one which I would strongly recommend. Three unique dips from the kitchen of Caper and Olives blend, Hummus, and Mediterranean are served along with Toasted Tortilla, Ciabatta Baguette, Wonton Chips (yes) and Scorched Sourdough.


Savoury delights to begin with each accompanying the toasted dough very well. Though my particular favourite would be the wonton chips. Simple yet satisfying.


While you are at it, don’t miss out on Chef Roland’s secret creation of pickled grapes. Tangy, crisp, with that tinge of alcohol infused throughout, these were excellent palate cleansers and a unique delight on its own.


What is breakfast without fries? Gosh, I wonder what got me to say that! Nevertheless, Steak Fries ($8) are up to serve with two dips of Sweet Chilli Lime Aioli and Mustard Ketchup. Chunky pieces of taters with skin and sprinkled Smoked Salt goes very nicely with the Aioli dip with its smooth sweet sour, oily richness. And the mustard ketchup is definitely something new for me.


What is breakfast then with Eggs Benedict? I understand if fries were off the list, but Eggs Benedict seems to have become almost synonymous with brunch and possibly just about anything for a start to a lazy day. Late Plate’s Eggs Benedict ($18) are served on Kalamata Rosemary Scones with a golden Citron Hollandaise and a choice of Smoked Ocean Trout or Shaved Lamb Prosciutto. 


Traditionally Eggs Ben would come with possibly English muffins, but these Rosemary Scones were new for me. Savoury, lightly rich in herbs and a good complement to my serving of salty tangy and deeply flavoured lamb prosciutto, these were excellent with the slightly sour hollandaise draped over the poached eggs.


Well, break in to the eggs, and the yolk flows happily out. Some of the best Eggs Ben yet!


Of course, if you want to go for a little something heavier, filling, or even to share, there is the Topside Burger ($19) to consider. Pure Australian beef, freshly made into a wholesome juicy patty with natural flavours about is served with caramelized sweet onions, melted cheddar, sunny side ups, lettuce, thick cut tomatoes and purplish beetroot. Upon serve, it would seem like a rainbow of colours in front of you. And the dish comes with Smokey salted potato chips. Awesome! Though, do be prepared to get messy.


Then again, for another heartwarming and fulfilling dish, there is the Corned Beef Hash ($15) to consider. A decadent huge serving of Onion & Gruyere Cheese layered upon chunky corned beef with potatoes and topped with baked eggs is served with scorched sourdough and a Caper Gremolata. Indulge, and be prepared to be spoilt, especially if you are a lover of beef, potatoes, cheese and eggs. Who isn’t? Really.


If brunch egg inspired dishes isn’t really what you are looking for, Late Plate does serve a selection of non-egg inspired dishes ranging from Rump Steak to Bacon Mac n Cheese to sate the appetite. For a little seafood though, there is the Grilled King Prawns ($24) to start with. Served with fried calamari, hand cut steak fries and Asparagus pancetta bundle finished with a Sweet Chilli Lime Aioli, these were a mini/huge prawn feast for one.


King Prawns are really King Prawns possibly because of their size, but what really stood out is how Chef Roland selected and brought out the best in his ingredients. I found the prawns to be juicy and sweet, with that crunch in each bite. And it was really easy to shell the prawns as the meat did not stick. Fried Calamari was good though it might come as a misnomer as I was expecting crunchy crispy squid. Though it could also be by the time I finished taking the photos, the calamari turned soft but still good with the natural juices from the prawns ‘spilled’ all over the base.




Me, Chef Roland Graham and Yingjie

Dining at Late Plate was surely a surprise delight as for every dish which was presented, each had a slightly different take from the usual norm of what I would expect of it. Furthermore, the creations were very satisfying and the portions comfortable enough to share. With the pricing quite reasonable for brunch, a decent ambience to match, I reckon this could be my newest favourite brunch place. I can’t wait for my next return visit!

Thank you Late Plate for the invitation.

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11 Kent Ridge Drive
Shaw Foundation Alumni House
Singapore 119244
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