Kuishin Bo, An Upper Cut Family Buffet


King Alaskan Crab Claws, You could go nuts digging through the shells.

I have recently heard about Kuishin Bo from Kenny (about two months ago) raving about the King Alaskan Crab Claws as part of the dinner buffet. And when Michel said he wanted to treat me to the buffet meal for dinner on Saturday, I was naturally quite excited and curious on what to expect from a $43.90++ Japanese Buffet.


My very first impression upon stepping into the Great World City branch is the colourful wide variety of dishes on display. There was Sashimi, Handrolls, Sushi, Varied Appetizers, Unique Japanese Fried Cuisine, Teppanyaki, Paper Steamboats, Terriyaki Meats, Grilled delights and a varied dessert counter complete with a Chocolate Fountain.


The presentation was good, exquisite and elegant, exemplifying the fact that each dish was carefully crafted and neatly arranged.


The tempura prawns and soft shell crab were fast moving items on the menu. And I must comment that while they may not be ultra fantastic with the crispy batter being light and subtly scented, it can be generally considered to be above average. Dip it with the tempura sauce for a little more extra flavour and saltiness.


This was something new for me. Little teapots filled with savoury prawn and mushroom soup. Drink it as though it were tea and slowly savour the goodness from within.


I was quite impressed with the way the restaurant dished out the simple Tako balls. Though it was slightly heavy and contained little main ingredients within, it was beautifully displayed in bamboo paper boats. Looking like what I would call a delicious ingot.


Generally, the main draw for Kuishin Bo’s dinner buffet would be these gigantic crab parts. Literally, every table would grab platefuls of the hardy crustacean. And like what most Singaporeans would do, as long as the dish is expensive, it would be the most sought after item in any buffet.

The meat is largely sweet in taste but tough in texture. Definitely not the smooth, cool refreshing scent of the sea that would naturally be found in authentic fresh King crabs which I have indulged happily in Japan before.


As a special for the dinner buffet, halved cheese lobsters is also served to each patron. The melted cheese is very light in flavour, withdrawing the chances of it masking the aroma of the lobster (if there were any). I found the meat to be a little tough to pull out with my fork from the shell and had to resort to using hands while tearing at the meat as graceful as I could.

Not a specialty in taste, but definitely an object of appeal like a carrot on a stick.


However, what I did enjoy the most out of Kuishin Bo’s Japanese dishes would be the sushis and makis themselves.


Some of the makis, like this tempura maki with crabmeat and salad topping were interesting experiments by the chef. And not only does it taste good, it looks good as well! Thumbs up for this.


And when it comes to Chawanmushi, Kuishin Bo does make its mark. Soft, jelly like and ultra smooth, it was flavour rich in a seafood broth. I enjoyed the warmness which the dish brought.


This is the one dish I must recommend if you go to Kuishin Bo – Grilled Lamb Rack. Marinated and infused with the house special sauce, the pieces of lamb are grilled over an open charcoal fire out in the very open
. The smoky fragrance permeates throughout the slightly medium rare meat and each bite bursts with a delight of juicy flavours. And the best part? The layer of fat by the side of each piece. Oooo that melt on the tongue feeling.

Oh yeah, I had 5 pieces of these.


I knew I was largely done with the meal after the lamb racks when my eyes centered on the dessert counter. A mixture of Japanese sweets, cakes and tarts were up for grabs and I had fun rolling the pieces of fruit and marshmallows around the spewing chocolate fountain.


When it comes to the interior layout of the restaurant, a cozy simple outfit is approached. I was seated at a circular table and unfortunately found it a bit cramp as the table was a little too big for the booth itself. A little shifting here and there needs to be done.


The Great World City outlet also boasts an open backyard concept. This is where the grilling work of the lamb rack, corn, sanma fish, yakitori and beef sticks gets done. Though when the fire is started, the place tends to get a little smoky and hot.


Kuishin Bo by and large caters to the friends and family crowd for its casual food and wide variety. While it may seem a little pricey on first sight, the many choices of Japanese cuisine available might justify the amount for that occasional indulgence.

However, where quality and freshness comes into concern, I found that certain dishes had areas for improvement. What I believe would be a much needed Quality Control and Check every day. Otherwise, Kuishin Bo would be a great family buffet restaurant that serves food a cut up above its competitors.

Kuishinbo Buffet Pricing – Great World City

Lunch Adult Child Snr Citizens
Mon – Fri $28.90++ $18.90++ Less 10%
Sat, Sun & PH $30.90++ $18.90++ Less 10%
Mon – Thurs $39.90++ $18.90++ Less 10%
Fri, Sat, Sun,
PH Eve & PH
$43.90++ $18.90++ Less 10%

Family Affair (2 adults + 1 child) *Not valid on eve of public holiday and public holiday.

Sat – Sun
Lunch Only
(UP $80.70 ++)
Sub. Child $12.00++


IMG_0664 Kuishin Bo
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City


A decent Japanese family buffet restaurant that serves up a wide variety of beautifully presented cuisine

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