Kronenbourg – The delicate taste of France


It’s always a real pleasure to end the day with some hot snacks by the side accompanied with a couple of cans of beer. And from what I hear from Kronenbourg, one lucky winner will walk away with $1000 cash with any purchase of Kronenbourg 6x330ml pack. I am quite appreciative of a good can of beer or two, though when I’m craving for something a little sweeter with a touch of fizz by the side, I will always look towards some fruit Cider. I am quite familiar with Somersby Apple and Pear ciders as it is one of the most acceptable light tasting alcoholic drinks available. The Pear cider is particular fruity with a slant of unique sweetness.


The apple variant, a touch deeper in golden hues, is sweeter with a more robust complex lasting till the end. Out of the two, my thumbs up will still go towards the Pear cider though the Apple is not a bad choice.


It is probably my first time engaging with Kronenbourg, as my drinking list will be the more traditional variants of Stella Artois, Heineken or even Tiger. Kronenbourg 1664 (pictured above) is particularly light tasting, with a thin texture that reminded me of crisp clear crystal water infused with a tinge flavour. Unique in its own right, I can see why this is well appreciated in France. It goes particularly well with clean dishes of heavily flavoured meats.


Kronenbourg Blanc on the other hand stands out from the original Kronenbourg. Floral flavoured with a white creamy texture that runs smoothly down with each sip, this beer is best served extremely cold. Once the Blanc warms up to room temperature, it was not a drink that was very well appreciated as it reminded me of a heavy notes that just doesn’t sit right.


Kronenbourg is now available with a promotion for one lucky winner to walk away with $1000 cash. Draw is available now till end of the month. Looks like one way to party after the exams are over.