Kinsa Sushi – Contemporary & Affordable Quality Japanese Cuisine in Ang Mo Kio


Diners looking for a quality yet reasonably priced Japanese restaurant around the Ang Mo Kio area will be pleased to discover Kinsa Sushi located at the Jubilee Square. Opened since 2012, the restaurant serves up an extensive menu with dishes that will be very familiar yet occasionally unique to the regular Japanese restaurant goer. 


Start off the meal with a serving of Ehire ($8.80). The portion of Grilled Stingray Fin was thinly sliced and served up with a side of mayonnaise. Crisp, yet chewy for a development of hearty, savoury flavours, these are quickly addictive to the palate. I’d say that it is not as pungent as dried cuttlefish, and surprisingly tastier as you chew each piece over time.


Avid sashimi lovers will be pleased to discover a selection of raw fish from the favourite salmon to the more exclusive fatty tuna. While the portion of Salmon Sashimi priced at $8.80 may not seem the cheapest around the heartlands, what you do get is thick, smooth salmon slices that is fresh and sweet. The Mekajiki (swordfish) sashimi priced at $12.80 is worth ordering if you are keen to have a velvety and fatty piece of fish releasing its flavours with some shoyu over your tastebuds.


The Kwoko Sarada ($5.80) is a decent serving of assorted mushroom salad. A good spread though the dressing is a little lacklustre in tangy flavours. Good enough to whet the appetite but not an immediate favourite for me.


The Foie Gras Mizore Mushi ($6.80) was an eye opener for me as this is my first time having the fatty pan seared goose liver served in a savoury stock. While the dish may sound appetising, I found the foie gras to be a little tough and overtly flavourful when compared against the cleaner soup backdrop. Still, it is an interesting attempt to bridge flavours although I would gather the foie gras to be better off pan seared and served with some Wagyu, Uni, or even Hotate.


A special Maki to order would be the Umi No Kou Ro-Ru($13). Shredded salmon is wrapped with seaweed and then deep fried to form the inner filling for this sushi roll. Each piece is topped with either a layer of salmon, tuna or swordfish, where they are further layered with mentaiko and tobiko. Good to share with two to three persons.


The Aburi Sushi set (request pricing from restaurant) that was served up for the night was a little special and off the regular menu. There was a mix of Hotate with Mentaiko, Mekajiki, Ebi and Maguro. As sushi, each are decently prepared. However, the aburi factor was a little short and did not thoroughly present enough of a flame Grilled or charred factor to the sushi pieces. Imagine having some of that foie gras and hotate paired together, then flame grilled! Oh my, that would have been perfect!


The Soo Gyu Don ($24.80) with grade A4 Kagoshima Wagyu Beef was the best dish for me that night. Decently fatty rib eye wagyu prepared medium rare and served with a side of onsen tamago to break into, this was comfort food through and through. The rice was lightly coated with some teriyaki sauce that brought the dish together. I was happy enough to finish everything to the last grain.


As the meal drew to a close, I ordered the Tamago Yaki ($5.80). Six pieces of steaming hot Japanese sweet Omellete was served. Each piece was decent and satisfying, and perhaps my ideal way of ending the meal.


However, those with a craving for something a little sweeter and more commonly idealised as a dessert, should order the Goma Ice Cream ($4.00) or Yuzu Sherbert ($4.50). The black Sesame ice cream was nutty, creamy, smooth and fragrant. The Yuzu Sherbert was tart, a little sweet and refreshing. Take your pick, and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.




The menu at Kinsa Sushi is best described as catering to diners seeking reasonably priced, value for money options and yet receiving decent quality local Japanese fare. Items like the Soo Gyu Don and the Mekajiki sashimi are examples of the upper boundaries which the restaurant is willing to push at affordable price points in the heartlands. However, diners who want something a little more interesting and unique like King Crabs or even the Chef’s Omakase should make a reservation with the restaurant a few days in advance. In all, a worthy visit and I will be back with my friends.

On a side note, Kinsa Sushi will be opening its second outlet at Hillview Rise in the next few months. Do keep a look out for it as well!

Thank you Kinsa Sushi for the invitation

Kinsa Sushi
61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Jubliee Square
Singapore 569814
Reservations : 64521798
Opens from:Monday – Thursday:
11:30 am – 3:00 pm
5:30 pm – 10:00 pmFriday,Saturday,Sunday and Public Holiday:
11:30 am – 10:00 pm