Kimochi – Colour, Colourful Sushi


I have never really explored the sprawling corridors of Vivocity. And after sending my unfortunate HTC Snap for repair due to reasons which I shall not be obliged to mention (its too hurtful..sob sob), I was definitely in need for an afternoon snack. Of course, if you consider that afternoon would still include the time of 5.30pm and a set of maki plus a sandwich would equate to a snack.

I stumbled upon (no this is not a word play on the website Stumbleupon), but seriously I stumbled upon Kimochi. I honestly thought the name of the shop would do something with mochi, those devious little sweet rice ball desserts. But after witnessing the chalkboard menu and grazing through the a3 sized menu, Kimochi was more of a sandwich bar and sushi shop all combined in one. And the word Kimochi means feelings.

I ordered the Premium Maki Rainbow Bliss ($13.80). This dish was simply chosen because apart from my adoration for makis, there was a “lotus flower” of various coloured sushi rice.

Kimochi advocates the use of avocado very strongly in this dish with every of its fish maki paired side by side with a strip of avocado and a dap of mayonnaise. The taste produced is the fresh taste of the fish together with the creaminess of the avocado that is enhanced with the drop of mayonnaise, giving rise to a smooth yet silky textured maki.

Though, the topping is good, the rice is a little too vinegared for my liking. It leaves the after taste of gelat once the whole platter was done.

For the coloured makis, they were more a pleasure to look at than distinctive in any difference in taste apart from the fillings. According to the staff, the colourings are made naturally from vegetables and no dye was used.


The coloured makis are supposedly laden with health benefits!

I also had the Unagi Sandwich ($9.80). The eel was rather skimpy for a patty between such a huge loaf of bread. But hey, the taste is still luxurious.

As a set upgrade for $3.80, there was an option for soup and a can drink. I had the Mushroom Soup which would have cost me a hefty $5.80. Ok, with the initial slurps being creamy but the base becoming slightly more watered down as the soup gets lesser, and lesser, and lesser.


For a lazy afternoon, Kimochi is the kind of place one would want to relax in and take a pit stop from all the crazy shopping and sweltering heat of tropical Singapore. But while ambience, food and beverages are catered for, the price is a little…well pricey. Looks and feels like a cafe, with restaurant dish prices to boot.

But then again, it should be a hassle to extract colourings from vegetables =)


kimochi Kimochi
1 Harbourfront Walk

Tel : 6376 8380