Kampong Chicken Rice, Ravishing That Yellow Skin Poultry.


Yellow Skin Goodness of Kampong Chicken

Dinner today called me back to one of Singapore’s most favourite foods – Chicken Rice. My mum was rather interested in visiting the Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice which she heard of, and the appeal of indulging in some smooth, lucid chicken whetted my appetite greatly. However, as fate would have it, we alighted from the taxi on the wrong side of Upper Thomson Road and was instead attracted like flies to a lamp post to Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House.

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice somehow faded from my mind as I studied the busy crowd at the Chicken House store’s front and the tender waft of Chicken and ginger floating through the air.


Crispy Golden Brown Ngoh Hiang ($4), yes they were creamy.

I must laud the Ngoh Hiang served up at this Chicken Rice House. With a crispy crunch on the outside, a creamy meaty filling on the inside, pair it with the Sweet Honey Plum Sauce dip and what you get is a fantastic combination. A definite mouth wetter!


Half a chicken ($12), Whole Chicken ($23)

Onto the main show. I was mostly impressed with how yellow the skin was on the Chicken. Shining a gleaming reflection in the light, the chicken pieces simply shouted “eat me!” Each piece was soft and fluid to the taste and the light soy sauce infused with a touch of sesame oil was brimming with a salty fragrant goodness.


The chicken rice is obviously something which no Hainanese Chicken should go without.The rice was rich in a flavour of infused chicken essence, its oil and ginger. Each grain stood out as a fluffy and warm individual that would go down well with the Chilli sauce or Ginger dip.


I found the chilli sauce to be a little too spicy for my liking, ranging to the extremes that it tasted a little bitter while numbing the tastebuds momentarily. I believe if you lather it the dark sweet sauce would it be a bit milder in taste and excellent in a robust rich flavour.

The ginger dip looked an interesting green, very different from the ones found at other Chicken Rice stalls which dish out ginger dips in a pale yellow. Still, the ginger dip is also a little too strong, and somehow somewhat similar to the chilli sauce in numbing the tastebuds. But once you pair it with a good sturdy piece of chicken will it then bring out the complexities in flavours of both the poultry and the herbal root.


I was least impressed with the Cold Steamed Crab. It was simply crab in all its natural glory and served with a dip of spicy sweet sour chilli sauce. Nothing too fantastic yet it is sold by weight and this small crustacean cost me a cool $15.

IMG_0947 IMG_0948

Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House is what one would call a no frills place serving up only dishes worthy of its fans and recognition. The yellow skin chicken is without doubt the main star of the house and over a hundred birds are sold each day during each weekend for over the past 8 years since its opening.


One more chicken rice stall reviewed, and maybe now I should try the one just down the street : Nam Kee Chicken Rice. Hmmm =)

IMG_0946 Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House
255 Upper Thomson Road
Tel : 6456 0698

Slender smooth Yellow Skin Hainanese Chicken Rice, Enough To Make Anyone Hungry!

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