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House Specialty : Deep Fried Prawn Ball with Pumpkin & Butter Sauce

J2K3 Award Winner : Deep Fried Prawn Ball with Pumpkin & Butter Sauce

Last week, I was strongly recommended by my former college teacher, Ms. Siau, to partake in the local zce char cuisine, Kam Jia Zhuang, along Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 in which she and the other teachers from my college frequent ever so often with their friends and families.

In its 8th year into business, Kam Jia Zhuang has amassed a steady following of old faithfuls and garnered local crowds to congregate into one bustling coffeeshop. A 45 minutes waiting time is considered “normal” during the stall’s peak hours and there are occasions where patrons cannot find seats. For this meal, I was recommended 4 dishes to tickle my tastebuds on, and I must say I walked away feeling impressed that such good food can be found in that laid back, rustic coffeeshop.


Naturally the top dish as recommended by many patrons would be the Deep Fried Prawn Ball with Pumpkin & Butter Sauce. The dish consisted of deep fried crispy prawns in a smooth creamy coating of pumpkin sauce that is slightly sweet and peppery. Very savoury and a delight with steaming white rice!

I was almost certain that a portion of salted egg yolk was used to blend and make the creamy pumpkin sauce. But hey, it turns out (after confirmation from lady boss Callie) that it wasn’t! Now this is a tempting dish minus the sins.

(S: $14  M: $22  L: $ 28)


Dong Po Pork Belly ($12)

The Dong Po Pork Belly was also another featured item on the menu. Priced at a standard value of $12 per portion, it was served up as a large block of pork belly with it jelly like skin screaming at you to eat it.

Sauce-wise, it is not overly salty and is instead a mild blend of sweetness with a rich umami flavour. The pork’s fatty portion simply melts in the mouth with that inkling crave to get a second well deserved bite and the meat itself is also tender and not too chewy.

My only gripe would be the fatty portion breaking away too easily from the meat. Other than that, very good!


Beancurd with Conpoy & Golden Mushroom

Smooth and silky soft deep fried tofu covered in a light braise of brown sauce. The tofu itself is handmade every morning by the stall, resulting in its luxurious texture. Add in the golden mushrooms and a delicate earthly scent is provided. Good for those who like their dishes light and yet tasty.

(S: $8  M:$12  L:$16)


Thai Butter Sotong

The Thai Butter Sotong arrived the last and it reminded me strongly of the snacks which would go very well with beer. Fragrant with the hint of butter, it was crispy crunchy sotong pieces that had a touch of spiciness from the chilli padi. The savoury pork floss which was generously drizzled on the dish unfortunately had its own value masked by the stronger flavours of the squid. It is a tad oily but delightfully addictive.

(S: $8  M:$12  L:$16)


This coffeeshop (or perhaps restaurant style coffeeshop) stall is definitely a strong recommendation for that gathering of friends and family who like to enjoy their meals around a table with a decent price to boot. The dishes itself are addictive with tastes that people will find hard to forget and come back longing for more. Though there are minor improvements which can be made to the servings in terms of ease of eating and presentation, it is in overall an excellent stall placed in the hustle and bustle suburban avenues of Ang Mo Kio.

A good feature if you don’t mind the very, very, very long queue.

Meal compliments of Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood bosses Mr. and Mrs. Kam. A very enjoyable experience!

DSCF9221 Kam Jia Zhuang
202 AMK Coffee Point (Opens from 3pm – 1130pm)
Blk 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Tel : 9151 6798 (Ask for Callie)

Decent prices rustic suburban coffeeshop and fantastic food is what heralds the crowd and it’s followers

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