Kam Jia Zhuang Ang Mo Kio, A Hearty Cze Char Favourite!


It is always amazing to indulge in Singapore Cze Char dishes. Sometimes, you never know what creative dishes would be up next. A clear favourite for me is Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Block 202. Although my last visit to the place was 5 years back, the memories of visiting the place then are distinct and flavourful. This time round, I’m back for a return visit with friends for a reunion. And it’s always better to bond over good food that is there to share.

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Start off with the marmite chicken. Sticky, sweet and wholly savoury within, this is the dish that will be an instant hit around the table. I loved the umami flavours of marmite nicely blended in with the sugars, as the combination simply brings out a satisfying flavour that will go well on its own or some rice.

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Look at the shine on the Marmite Chicken.

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Sweet Potato Leaves stir fried with garlic.

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The Butter Sotong was certainly an attractive dish when first presented. Topped with luscious meat floss, it seems sheer delight to engage in both the fluffy and the crisp. However, when I revisited my article written back in 2009, I noted the Butter Sotong to be even better with a good amount of sheen to the squid pieces, and more elaborately flavoured with chilli and curry leaves. Still, a good portion and worth ordering.

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A signature that never goes wrong is the Homemade Beancurd with Enoki Mushroom. While it may not leave the most visual impact, the flavours of silken tofu that simply melts in your mouth, coupled with the tender and fragrant Enoki mushrooms will leave you wanting more. Harmonious flavours that reflect delectable cooking from the heart.

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The Cze Char’s signature of Deep Fried Prawn Ball with Butter and Pumpkin Sauce is what I would call the establishment’s¬†alternative to Salted Egg Yolk Prawns. Slightly sweet, accented with a distinct buttery fragrance, and complemented by the crisp and crunchy prawn balls, these were good for everyone. Still, I thought that the sauce became a little thin over the years as I remember it being more distinctly orange and intensely flavoured.

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Dinner at Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood was a worthy visit. Reservations are highly recommended as the place is usually packed with families enjoying a good night’s out with a little something for everybody. Although I would say that my initial visit was memorable because of a stronger interpretation of flavours in the dishes, the visit this time round delivered in providing wholesome and hearty food round the table. It is a warm heartedness where you can relax in, and enjoy good cze char for time to come.

Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood
Blk 202
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Opens from:
3pm to 11.30pm