Joy & Festivity This Lunar New Year


Crystal Treasure Soup by my Uncle Chuan Beng

First and foremost, a Happy Lunar New Year to all my readers out there! May this year be bountiful and full of prosperity! Its been busy these past few days with visits here and there, eating this eating that, and hardly time to engage with the blog.

Still, I managed to grab a few pictures about my Lunar New Year festivity (and of course the food included as well)


This is the time when many will go “Lo Hei!” at the table and the only time when everyone gets together to toss salad all over the place while shrilling words of prosperity and good fortune. Yu Sheng has come very far into the hearts of the family where dining becomes a closer and more communal affair.


Fragrant Crispy Cereal Prawns

Of course, Lunar New Year is also about the food. And this year I have taken three key dishes! The first being the Crystal Treasure Soup by my Uncle Chuan Beng, the next being Fragrant Crispy Cereal Prawns by my Aunt Florence and the last being the simply divine Fatty Black Sauce Pork Belly, simmered for hours by my Uncle Ben.

And believe me, I will aim to create these dishes as well!


Especially for everyone to enjoy.