Johnny English Reborn, He’s Back!

Flying man

Johnny English is Reborn! And in this action-spy-comedy movie featuring the exclusive World’s number 1 spy, English is back in service and you can count on him!

Johnny English Reborn Trailer

The storyline begins with English being out of England’s Secret Service MI7 after a disaster he created. But after extensive training with the monks, he is recalled back into the service as he seems to be the only man the enemies are willing to communicate with. Pegasus is back, and Toshiba seems to have a strong affinity with the film.

Flying man

An action driven movie with plenty of the good ol’ Johnny English humour, fans of the slick man will be delighted once more. I personally was well anticipating a good dose of fun, and certainly I was proved with lots more especially with English going up and down on a chair while in a very, very serious meeting (see trailer). Still, I felt there were moments in the film where the shtick seems to be overused and a part of the typical love storyline was dry and perhaps unentertaining. Maybe my expectations from the first movie already set the bar, but still for a good bit of family fun and night’s laugh out, this is probably the one movie to catch and see Mr. Bean in a suit, driving a fantastic voice activated Rolls Royce.


Me and Han Dong after catching the preview of Johnny English Reborn at Shaw Lido

Johnny English Reborn is available in Singapore cinemas starting 15th September 2011. LAUGH IN THE FACE OF DANGER.

The First Johnny English Movie Trailer–Tickle your tummy!


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