GourmetEstorie Special: A Gastronomic Adventure to Japan!


Hello Everyone! Starting this week, discover the splendours of Japan as I make a 20 day trip around Hokkaido and travelling down via Shinkansen towards Tokyo! Japan is known by many Singaporeans as a Gourmet’s Paradise, and I hope to document my journey as I visit the various cities. Be with me on my journey starting in Sapporo, the heart of Hokkaido. Thereafter, discover the far eastern port city of Kushiro, famed for their fresh seafood and robtayaki. As I discover each city’s culinary delights, partake in breathtaking landscapes that truly make Japan a destination all packed into one. When Kushiro is done, I’ll head over to Obihiro – a city famed for their Buta-don, fresh milk, flowers and horses.


Then, journey with me towards Lake Toya as I spend one night in the Onsen Resort complete with a full gastronomic experience. To complete my experience in Hokkaido, I’ll move on towards Hakodate and savour the fresh squid caught right off the ocean. From then on, it is home-run. I’ll take on the Bullet Train experience from Shin-Aomori towards Sendai, where the land of Gyu tongue awaits. After Sendai, it is on towards Karuizawa for a night in the Prince Karuizawa. To wrap things up, I’ll finish my journey in Tokyo – a city probably very familiar to many. 20 days might seem really long, but as we shall all quickly discover, when good food and good scenery awaits, that trip just ends way too quickly.


[Update] The Journey has ended. And if you are excited to visit some of the same places I did, check out all the articles below!