James Martin Hubalicious Food Adventure!

On the 23rd of August, James Martin arrived to the shores of Singapore for Chilli Crab, a Cooking Demonstration and Starhub’s Hubalicious Foodie event. James Martin, of the hugely successful UK show Saturday Kitchen, and a person who cooked for the Queen Mother when he was just 11 years old, was present as the guest celebrity chef of the night.

James Martin’s popularity with the international crowd is not missed as for the night, more than half the room was packed with guests from all over the world.


I have not always been one to gaze at food channels as it never did occur to me to subscribe to them. Also to the fact that most of the time I am in school and hardly at home to watch television.

But hey, BBC Lifestyle on CH 432 Starhub TV, features James Martin in his own programme.

For the night, James and the Executive Chef Team from Marina Mandarin prepared a 3 course dinner with an extra dessert for the guests. First up, the treat came in the form of a Thai Crab Risotto. According to Chef James, crab is one of his favourite ingredients and foods to use. The name itself already suggests something perky and spicy, and its a surprisingly excellent combination with the warm and hearty risotto that itself is a little sweet and nutty. Flavours range from pepperish, creamy savoury to a lasting satisfying taste that does not bode over indulgene.

The main for the night was the Slow Roast Fillet of Beef with Wild Mushroom and Smoked Garlic Pommes Puree. Admittedly the sauce drizzled upon the meat was strongly tantalizing enough to whet my appetite when it was served on the table. Meat was served medium rare, and it interesting to note that it was prepared in a method almost similar to sous-vide, leaving the meat marvellously soft and tender with the full spectrum of juices well within. I didn’t really go for the side of mushrooms and carrots though as personally I felt they were a bit overtly strong in flavour. To each his own though.

The White Chocolate, Whisky and Croissant Butter Pudding is definitely not meant for the weak. Packed with a whole lot of chocolate, butter, croissants and whisky and sugar, this is pure decadence in itself. Nothing screams “sinful” better than this. And yeah we were told that this portion was about 1500cals (since it was just a half portion). Who knew yea?

Last dessert for the night, Caramelized Lemon Tart with Creme Fraiche. Just simply delightful as the tart itself carries a tinge of acidity and tendered on the top with a crisp blown caramelized layer. Thumbs up!

Think of replicating these dishes? All these and more are available on BBC Lifestyle CH 432 on Starhub TV. And you can catch James Martin there! Delightful!

This event was hosted by Starhub and Sixth Sense.