Jam Tarts & Curry Puffs


I was innately surprised when I discovered that Joo Chiat has stalls that actually produces those flaky Curry puffs which I have always enjoyed at my neighbourhood provision shop. Usually, when I want to buy them, always only a few pieces are left and I have to keep watch of delivery dates like a hawk.

At Sha Zah Confectionary, there is a wide range of curry puff varieties that will simply aim to please. Chicken, potato, mutton, beef, rendang, you name it. And while they may engage most of their business in savoury little pastries, I was captivated by the cute little pineapple tarts that were going on for sale at $6.50 for one big box.


Buttery pastry with sweet and tangy pineapple filling, these tarts are simply beautiful to look at. While I would have gone for a slightly stronger tasting pineapple filling and ones that are simply generous, these little starlets are good enough for a pop in the mouth.


Of course the real deal comes to the curry puffs. I especially enjoyed the lattice crust Beef Puff. The meat was huge and chunky and the curry was not too hot or spicy. And on the very top of the filling is a whole chunk of onions that is very sweet and tender. Very nice. $1.50? You have it.


Didn’t manage to try the original potato curry puffs though. It might be good as it looks very slender and golden brown in colour.


Now I reckon that this must be the Mutton Puff. Also at $1.50, this looks meaty and filling.


Beef and mutton samosas was also not too bad. Though the pastry was a little too thick for my liking. Stuffings were generous to begin with, so no complains there. But I would definitely come back for more Beef Puffs =)



Sha Zah Confectionary. Down the road from Kway Guan Huat Popiah.