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The Gyokai Special

Just that day, mum and I were walking along the streets of Orchard not knowing what to eat. It was already six pm and the sky was darkening. And all the way from the brisk bustling crowd of Somerset, we strolled all the way from one shopping centre to the other until I decided to finally bring my mum to The Pasta Shop at Wheelock Place.

Scallop & Amaebi Pasta from my earlier review.

I earlier reviewed The Pasta Shop and have enjoyed the unique creations of fusion pasta with influence from the traditional Italian to the modern zen of the Japanese and a touch to cater towards the particular favourites of the local tastebuds.

Since I was already quite full for the day, having grazed my way through the various little food stalls while waiting for mum, I simply let mum decide what to order. She called for the Gyokai Special. And perhaps its a particular favourite for her, the pasta was a mix of seafood with basil cream sauce.

For $16.90, it is a little pricey, but the portions of squid, clams and the fresh prawns used were oh so generous! And that is not forgetting the fact that the basil cream sauce was rich in flavour with an aroma that complemented well with the seafood. Pasta was for me in its right texture and the starch on the outer coat was enough to carry the sauce as the noodles went down.

For dessert, Mum had the Green Tea Tiramisu. Pleasantly decorated like a wide open plain with a vibrant hue of red, the tiramisu though simple, was sincere and pleasant. Tiramisu is decent enough though the Green Tea powder gave the dessert a unique, slightly bitter sweet taste. $7.50 for a portion.

As a drink, Mum had the Momo Tea Freeze. I previously had it when I was here and as the drinks goes on the menu, these are real thirst quenchers. Very nice and soothing. $6.80.

Me, myself? I had a Lime Cooler. A tad small in portion but fizzy enough to give you a little jolt for that sudden alertness. Delicious I must add. $5.80.

The Pasta Shop is now a little smaller in size and it has become cozier and more comfortable in its setting. Service at the outlet is excellent as usual. It had such a nice environment that there was no rush rush atmosphere, so much so that the table next to me was celebrating one of their friend’s birthday, much to the delight of everyone. And yes the manager himself personally delivered the cake with a choral of birthday songs as an accompaniment.

This meal is compliments of Sakae Sushi.

IMG_4996 The Pasta Shop by Sakae
501 Orchard Road
#02-03 Wheelock Place

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