Italian Restaurant With A Japanese Twist

DSCF7219 Saizeriya Italian Restaurant
177 River Valley Road
#02-22 Liang Court
Tel : 6337 9001    Opening Hours : 10am – 10pm


Delicious and very affordable Italian dining. Ideal for students and those looking for good food in the city with a budget.


Doria With Meat Sauce – Perfect Indulgence for the Cheese Lover

J2K3 Award Winner : Doria With Meat Sauce

Saizeriya passes off easily as a restaurant catering to the likes of families, students and young adults. With a casual dining atmosphere, it is definitely an alternative to popular chains such as Pastamania when it comes to quick Italian food.

The Doria with Meat Sauce attracted my attention as it was the “No. 1” dish in the menu as stated by the restaurant. Top it off with the picture showing a crown and I was hooked into ordering a dish.


It was served piping hot and you can literally see the melted cheese bubbling on the surface. Enough to whet any cheese lover’s appetite. A Doria for the uninitiated is actually cooked rice served with ingredients on the top and in a white sauce. The Doria with Meat Sauce was simply heavenly. Each bite was hearty and brimming with melted cheese and the savoury taste of meat. Definitely a favourite for almost anyone.

At $4.28, it is a complete meal without a burst to your budget.


I also ordered a serving of Garlic bread ($1.90) which looked a little like the Indian Naan to me. Nevertheless it was crispy and dished out hot which proved to be a fantastic staple if you used the Doria as a cheesy dip.

Order any dish and up $2.58 for a free flow of drinks at the drink bar. Ideal if you are those who love sitting down for a long gossip on a Saturday afternoon. Just don’t get drunk with tea.


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce ($5.68)

Being an Italian restaurant I simply had to try the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. The portion was a little small but hey for that price I think it was not too bad. Taste wise, the sauce was very meaty and tomatoish sour. Powdered cheese were used as a topping which I felt could be improved by using freshly grated cheese. But then again, this is a casual dining restaurant and not the Italian restaurant located amongst the countryside attracting Porches and Royces to its doorstep.


Saizeriya Italian Restaurant would definitely be a great place to hang out after all the shopping done in Liang Court and in the vicinity of Clarke Quay. The affordable prices is definitely an appeal to the budget conscious and with good food to beat, why not make an opportunity to drop by? Just don’t go around expecting for the meals to come in polished silverware.

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  1. Eric Chua Jun Xiong May 30, 2011 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    i visited the city square mall a couple of times..
    nice chill out place..
    food is nice and inexpensive..
    drink bar has quite a number of variety..

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