Immersing Italy’s Repertoire At La Strada


La Strada – My Inaugural Authentic Italian Dining Experience. Italian cuisine is perhaps too commonly known to me as Pizzas and Pastas that are a cheap, affordable quick fix to that hunger crave. For my visit to La Strada, I was introduced to a new perspective in which this European cuisine is defined. In the sense of exclusiveness, classiness and a certain touch of natural flavours and aroma.

21st December La Strada  

The visit to La Strada was a food blogger’s and enthusiasts tasting session. Each of us called for the Set Menu of 2 courses, priced reasonably at $28.00++. For me I had the Duo of Crostini and the Pan Fried Salmon. Mum called for the Char Grilled Beef Sirloin and the Tart of The Day which was a lovable Pecan Tart served with Basil Ice cream.


The Duo of Crostini left an immediate lasting impression on me. There were two slices of bread, each topped with a different spread and mix.


Left : Olive Tapenade with Confit Cherry Tomatoes / Right : Pork Ragu

The Olive Tapenade with Confit Cherry Tomatoes were my favourite of the two. Its olive paste was savoury yet light enough to complement well with the warm toasted bread. With the Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, the appetizer is brought to a new level with that brimming flavour of sourness, sweetness and a refreshing taste of lasting herbs.

For the Pork Ragu, I must say that the spread is well minced with a delicate sense of sweetness and a little overpowering taste of umami. The choice of herbs added enhanced its meaty flavour and texture. Though a little salty, the toasted bread forms a perfect marriage.


Kaelyn’s called for the Tuna with Mesclun Salad and Tomato Dressing. However, the kitchen carried out the wrong order and gave her the Smoked Salmon version. Still, the salad was pretty as a picture with each leaf brimming in vibrant hues.


The Smoked Salmon Mesclun Salad got changed and the proper dish arrived.  This time round, a poached egg is placed in the middle with tuna flakes draped over it like a garment.


Mum’s main course of the Char Grilled 70 day grain-fed sirloin, mesclun salad and cream potatoes arrived. Shed had it medium well, so I found the sirloin slightly chewy but not dry of its juices. Each bite erupts a burst of meaty flavour and light marinade that is topped with a delicate smoky finish. The thin layer of fat by the side was bubbly and smooth, so no complains there.


While waiting for my own main course to arrive, the staff presented a complementary serving of wood-fired tomato herb pizza to the restaurant guests. The choice of firewood to bake the pizza left the pie with a woody smoky flavour that goes hand in hand with the strong flavoured tomatoes and herbs. Its warm texture, straight out of the oven, only whets the appetite even more.


My serving of Pan Fried Salmon with Mesclun Salad and roasted new potatoes arrived looking simple but artistic. I found the salmon skin to be crisply crunchy and not too oily. The fish itself is without doubt laden with its natural oils, though its extreme flakiness of the meat crumbled too easily under my fork. Side of roasted new potatoes are creamy, though a little dry and chunky.


When mum’s order of the Tart of the Day arrived, the rest of the bloggers and enthusiasts had their cameras ready to snap that sole shot before the Basil Ice Cream melted.


For a pecan tart, the slice is loaded with nuts and sugary sweetness. Contrastingly, the basil ice cream naturally carries the strong herbal flavours of basil and it leaves a refreshing aftertaste that cools the heaviness of the pecan tart.


The kitchen whipped up a fresh batch of mini Madeleines to end the whole course while being served with either coffee or tea. I liked the cute little pieces as there were not too sweet and yet just right as a finale item. Very enjoyable.


La Strada has certainly not failed to impress. Its ambience is cozy and its service staff is friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. Yet, its fine dishes are a standard of its own that will leave a culinary experience for each individual guest. Personally, I must say that La Strada is a fine introduction to Italian Cuisine.

I enjoyed the dining experience with the fellow food bloggers who were at the same table as me.

_MG_0445 La Strada
1 Scotts Road
Shaw Centre
Opening Hours : Monday to Sundays
Lunch – Noon to 2.30 pm
Dinner – 6.30pm to 9.30pm

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