Immerse into a glimpse of Kyoto Cuisine at Tampopo Singapore from 7th – 11th February!


It was my first time experiencing a deeper introduction to Kyoto produce and cuisine, and I must admit that I loved it every step of the way. From now till the 11th of February 2015, Tampopo restaurant will be hosting a Kyoto Food Fair at their Liang Court and Takashimaya outlets. Special for this season is the introduction of the Kyoto Wagyu Beef from the Kyoto Tanba Ranch which has won the 61st Kinki Tokai Hokuriku Union beef cattle Kyoshin Board (第 61 回近畿東海北陸連合肉牛共進会) in Japan. On top of other imported Kyoto produce, experience a glimpse of the culinary flair found from the historical Imperial capital, with its menu meticulously prepared by Chef Okamoto from Kyoto.

Two sets each are available during both lunch and dinner, while a selection of a la carte dishes featuring the Kyoto produce will be made available all day. For the Kyoto Fair Lunch, enjoy the ‘Miyabi Lunch’ ($58++) or ‘Gion Lunch’ ($28++) set choices. Both are 7 courses with varying dishes for the mains and starters. More impressive however are the options available for dinner.

The ‘Miyabi Dinner’ ($100++) will feature:

  • 5 Kinds of Appetizer | おばんざいの5種盛り
  • Sashimi Mix (2x Chutoro, 2x Tai, 1x Hamachi) | 鮮魚刺身盛り合わせ
  • Tempura of Kyo-Yasai (Nanohana, Kyo-carrot, Kakiage, Sweet Potato) | 京野菜と京都牛の天麩羅
  • Fresh Gluten Cake with Miso | 生麩の田楽
  • Stone Grilled Kyoto Beef ‘Myabi’ Grade A5 Tenderloin | 京都牛“雅” A5フィレの石焼き
  • Fresh Kyo-Yuba with Rice | きのこと湯葉のあんかけご飯
  • Miso Soup | 味噌汁
  • Kyo-Tsukemono | 漬物
  • Macha Fondue Dessert | デザート 抹茶フォンデュ

The ‘Gion Dinner’ ($78++) will feature:

  • 5 Kinds of Appetizer | おばんざいの5種盛り
  • Fresh Kyo-Yuba with Uni | 生湯葉の刺身(ウニ添え)
  • Fresh Gluten Cake with Miso | 生麩の田楽
  • Kyoto Beef ‘Miyabi’ Grade A5 Shabu Shabu with Kyoto Soy Milk Soup
  • Udon | うどん
  • Miso Soup | 味噌汁
  • Kyo-Tsukemono | 漬物
  • Macha Fondue Dessert | デザート 抹茶フォンデュ

Personally, my strongest recommendation would be the ‘Gion Dinner’ that is more attractively priced at $78++.


Both Dinner Sets: Start off the meal with 5 varied kinds of appetizers – Kyoto Rich Cold Tofu with Wasabi Shoyu; Spinach with Yuzu Sauce; Kyoto Carrot Kakiage Tempura; Kinpira Gobo (Braised Burdock Root); and Myoga Amasu (pickled Ginger Flower). I was deeply impressed by the silky smooth Otokomae tofu imported specially from the prefecture and can easily see why Tofu is held in such high regard within Kyoto culinary history. The Kyoto Carrot Tempura was sweet and crisp, nicely contrasted with the more tender Spinach that is laced with a gentle citrus Yuzu inspiration. For a deeper, more hearty start, enjoy the Kinpira Gobo that provides bits of meaty texture in every turn. Break the flavours from time to time with the acidic yet sweet Myoga Amasu.


Miyabi Dinner Set: For the Sashimi Mix, I expected nothing less than the freshest produce for this Kyoto set dinner. While each slice of sashimi stood out exceptionally well for their sea sweetness, I was a touch disappointed  with the Chutoro which was not as fatty as what I would have liked for a medium-fatty tuna.


Miyabi Dinner Set: Tempura of Kyo-Yasai (Nanohana, Kyo-carrot, Kakiage, Sweet Potato). I was impressed by the tempura selection and technique used but wished that the Kyo-carrot could have been substituted for something else since it was already featured in the appetizers.


Gion Dinner Set: My personal favourite goes to the Fresh Kyo-Yuba with Uni, where surprisingly the ingredient which stood out the most was the Kyo-Yuba (soymilk skin) when paired with the sweet sea urchin. The soymilk skin was smoky and buttery smooth, which a texture that develops well over the tongue. It was truly a memorable and divine experience.


Both Dinner Sets: Also specially available is the Fresh Gluten Cake with Miso. The rice cake is tender and a touch chewy, with a decadent texture that makes you want to enjoy the next bite. The topping of coloured miso brings life to each stick with touches of saltiness and sweetness, although the former may stand out a little too much.


Miyabi Dinner Set: For the more expensive dinner set, diners will get the chance to pan-grill three thick slices of Kyoto Wagyu tenderloin. Grade A5 is the highest possible Japanese wagyu grade available for its quality and marbling, so take care to relish each bite of meat with care.


The meal is served with a hot stone plate and you can cook the meat to your select done-ness. Dip it with the accompanying sauce for a tangy touch to the meat’s already fatty complexity. I am delighted that this was served alongside a serving of Fresh Kyo-Yuba with Rice. The rice dish is topped with a savoury sauce for a hearty bite to the meal, and the Yuba was simply delightful when complemented with the pieces of grilled wagyu.

IMG_1766 IMG_1769

Gion Dinner Set: In the $78++ dinner option, diners will get the chance to savour the Kyoto Grade A5 Beef served Shabu Shabu style. Instead of the usual shabu shabu stock, the soup base is replaced with a serving of Kyoto’s Otokomae Soy Bean Milk. Personally, I would go for this dish during my return visit because of the general lighter flavours of the shabu shabu that is given a twist with the portion of savoury soy milk and beef. Have the shabu shabu with a side of Udon as a staple.


Both Dinner Sets: Kyo-Tsukemono. While I thought that the meal had ended, it was the pickles to round off the flavours that left a memorable impression. Each pickle is meticulously crafted with a gentle finesse that is deserving for savour. There was the slightly vinegared radish that is touched with a bit of sugar; the slightly more sour and slimy radish which is surprisingly crisp and juicy; the eggplant which was firm with a bite and lightly salted; the spinach which was salty; and the cabbage that was crunchy, savoury and refreshing. An interesting mix to end or start the meal (depending on when it gets served).


Both Dinner Sets: The Matcha Fondue. I especially loved the Warabi Mochi that when dipped into the thick, velvety green tea chocolate sauce, provided a wonderful colour and flavour contrast.


Brian, Chef Okamoto from Kyoto and Me

I truly had a wonderful experience with this glimpse of Kyoto cuisine and the introduction Kyoto produce. The beef was definitely stellar but the bigger draw for me would be the Kyo-Yuba that has distinctly left a memorable impression with me. It is the first time in which Tampopo restaurant is bringing in a Kyoto Fair and it might pay to drop by for a visit. The dinner set menus are a touch expensive but worth it. I highly recommend going for the Gion Dinner set priced at $78++ just for that Kyo-Yuba with Sea Urchin and of course the Shabu Shabu with the Kyoto Beef Grade A5. The fair will run for another three days till the 11th of February. I just wish it would have been slightly longer.

Thank you Tampopo Restaurant for the invitation

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