Imagine lush green grass with Pique Nique, just imagine


Arranging for dinner dates with your classmates can sometimes be a hit and miss affair if you didn’t know where to go for the meal and traditional after-dinner dessert or drinks. Boy did I take things to chance by roaming around JCube looking for a suitable dinner place that was both well within the means of the majority with a relative nice ambience to chill and hang out. And I was pretty much excited when I walked past Pique Nique, the casual American cafe by Chef Pang of Antoinette fame. The eatery featured a snazzy chic interior that spoke volumes of aesthetic and fun lovingness all in a laid back setting. Probably the right place you want to be if you have a group of boisterous friends who need a little space and coolness, and maybe a little picnic down by the green.

Dinner time, and I started off with a serving of Mac and Cheese. Served in a hot iron pan, the portion of macaroni and cheese looked a little small to begin. Nonetheless, the melted cheesiness crusted at the top and flowing slightly within was pure comfort food, with a savoury creamy flavour to boot. Still, as I started tucking in, I thought that the serving could do with a bit more savouriness, almost like a star that has lost its sparkle.


As the dishes started coming in, I have to admit that I appreciated the meals on the clean cut white plate with a simple Pique Nique emblem. It touched up the presentation to what would otherwise be a very ordinary dish. The Caesar Salad ordered by Ashton looked nicely contrasted on the plate, with colours of green and brown plus a little yellow complementing the white and black.


As a side for all to share, I called for the Hot Chilli Meat Fries ($11). Chunky fries with a thick tasty brown meat sauce topped with grated cheese. True decadence.


Cerlyn’s main was the Bacon Carbonara ($16). Upon serve, I thought it looked rather flat.


For Han Leng’s main, the guy ordered the Mushroom and Sausage Pasta ($16). It looked much better with slices of sausage and mushroom adorning the sides.


My primary school friends and me. Started with 8, 4 couldn’t make it. An annual tradition.

I started off dinner with the thoughts of enjoying Chef Pang’s desserts at the end, and sold my friends to the idea. However, after going through dinner and with a little chit chat to recollect the past, all of us decided to head elsewhere to fix that sweet craving. The mains I’ve tried were ordinary at best with the ambience and decor making up for pretty much everything else. Though I really think that perhaps the main draw is not the savouries but the sweet stuff that Chef Pang is known to be a genius for. Just imagine.

Pique Nique
2 Jurong East Central 1
Tel : 6684 5761