How Do You Spell Schokolart?


Schokolart is perhaps the new kid on the block with its own servings of desserts and everything chocolate. Of course, while the name hints towards the flavoursome cocoa bean, there is a serving of other dishes and mains that will make it more of a cafe than a dessert patisserie.

Out of the two chocolate domes (the other one being at Checkers), I preferred the one at Schokolart more. Perhaps its just the luxury of eating the whole dome yourself that changes the entire savour, but I found this chocolate dome to be very smooth on the outside with a burst of melted chocolate flavour oozing on the inside. Not forgetting the jelly smooth texture that is simply delectable and tantalizing.

_MG_2356 _MG_2361

As with all things high tea, Schokolart currently offers a tea time promotion of $7.90 for a hot beverage (Americano, Hot Chocolate, Tea) and a cake/swiss praline. Quite a steal if you think about it.

I called for the hot chocolate and it comes with a piece of marshmallow that beckons itself to be dunked into the sea of frothy sweet browness. Very nice and warm, a chocolate drink that can never go wrong.


I asked the server what the name was for this cake, and he simply said “Passionfruit”. Typical, it must be in vogue now to title a cake after a fruit. Of course, this goes without saying that Passionfruit has hearty chunks of passionfruit in it as well. Very nice and fruity, not too sweet and on par to my tastebuds.


Straight up, I do not know how to appreciate coffee other than for its awesome aroma, acidity and frothiness. Americano tasted rather average to me that hinted strongly on the borders of the famous N.


Schokolart is perhaps famous to me for having run out of its cakes. I tried visiting the outlet 3 times but each visit was worth a naught. So, its by chance that I tasted these cakes today and I wonder what else is there in variety. After all, the picture of “sweets” look oh so tempting.

Update : The shop is closed and I wonder whats going to open next.

_MG_2356 Schokolart
181, Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Tel : 6509 6139
Website :

Classy, yet bustling with the local crowd.