Hidden Hainanese Cuisine – Do you know that it is even there?

DSCF2898 Mooi Chin Place Pte Ltd
(Hainanese Cuisine Specialist)
390 Victoria Street, #03-12A, Singapore 188061. Adjacent to Golden Landmark Shopping Complex.
Tel : 6392 1600 Fax : 6392 2633 

halfstar  J2K3 Award Winner

Enjoy Hainanese cuisine in a comfortable setting and excellent service. Don’t forget to indulge yourself in the sambal fish fillets!


Mooi Chin’s Hainanese Chicken – Gratifying and Sumptuous

Not too far from the busy urban streets of Bugis lies an almost deserted shopping centre whose heyday was in the 80’s. Golden Landmark Shopping Complex, with at most slightly more than half its shops open at any time, surprisingly boasts an authentic Hainanese Cuisine Restaurant located in the Golden Landmark Hotel adjacent to it.


The chicken can be summed up in one word – good. It was not too dry like the ones usually found in hawker centres and coffeeshops nor was it too rough. I enjoyed the wholesome texture of each piece of meat with the light soy sauce mixed with sesame oil being a perfect compliment to the overall taste. Together, the meat seemingly just slides down your throat.


Hainanese Chicken Rice – Fragrant, though it came to me as a tad dry.

While there is good chicken, there ought to be good rice. I found the Chicken Rice fragrant but apart from which it was a little too dry and grainy. It would have been better for a softer variety of rice to be cooked. Somehow, if there was better rice, there would have been a better rating.

Price : $12.00

Overall Rating for Hainanese Chicken and Hainanese Chicken Rice :

The two sauces served (Chicken Rice Condiments on the left, whatever not Sambal Chilli on the right) is perhaps a must for the meal. Arguably, the chicken went well with the spicy looking red chilli sauce which turned out to be quite sweet and not blazingly hot. It might be an idea to mix the Chilli, Ginger and Sweet Black Sauce all up for that savoury taste,

Also, the Sambal Chilli is perhaps one of the freshest which I have seen in a restaurant setting. The chilli is not too hot and with the squeezed lime, the tangy taste really added flavour to the dishes. I must comment that the spices used in Mooi Chin’s have been toned down (obviously…) for the foreigners and tourists visiting the establishment. So you might want to ask for that Sambal Kang Kong of your
s to be spiced up!


Sambal Kang Kong

The Sambal Kang Kong was perhaps a disappointment for my tastebuds. Though it was nice and crunchy with the occasional spice in it, I felt that the chefs have been slightly too skimpy in the sambal. It was a dish that really needed more hotness for that kick in it. Once again, ask for more sambal when you order (I learnt that to my disappointment)

Price : $10.00     Rating for Sambal Kang Kong :


Hainanese Mutton Soup – The mutton simply melts in the mouth!

Its not everyday you are able to come across Hainanese Mutton Soup. This particular one at Mooi Chin’s is in a class on its own. Served generously with a wide variety of mutton meat and tendons, bamboo shoots, black wood ear mushroom and beancurd skin, in addition to that herb infused broth, this soup aims to please. The meat was tender and the fat (yes fat…stop running from it) simply melted in the mouth. Pair this with the Sambal Chilli provided and it will taste exceptionally great! One point to note is that this soup won’t leave you sweltering with perspiration as I suspect that they (once again) reduced the quantity of herbs used to suit the tastebuds of the foreigners.

Price : $12.00

Rating for Hainanese Mutton Soup :


Sambal Deep Fried Fish Fillet – A Definite Award Winner!

Now this is what I call fantastic! Crispy on the outside, fresh, tender and cotton smooth on the inside, with an absolutely delicious fried sambal chilli topping to boot – the Sambal Deep Fried Fish Fillet is perhaps what you can call a gift from the heavens. Each bite leaves you with a tantalizing desire for that next piece of fishy goodness and by gosh, this may turn you into a Sambal Fishatarian. (if there was ever such a word)

Price : $10.00 per piece of Fish Fillet

Rating for Sambal Deep Fried Fish Fillet :


Yam Paste ("Orh Nee") with Pumpkin

Hidden below the whitish goodness (I suspect Coconut milk) lies the purplish Yam Paste with smooth Pumpkin mix in it. This is by far one of the better Yam Pastes I have tasted and after such a heavy meal, what more to end it with a heavy dessert. I particularly enjoyed the white ‘cream’ on top which presented the otherwise rather plain looking Yam Paste in a different light. The pumpkin added is also something new to me and was a great compliment to the yam. Not too sweet with a gratifying feel at the end. One Word again – Delicious!

Price : $4.00    Rating for Yam Paste with Pumpkin :

Overall Conclusion

Mooi Chin is by far one of the most authentic Hainanese Restaurants I have been to. Originally from Purvis Street (a haven for Hainanese Cuisine), this establishment has a significant history to its name. The dishes served while not always at the top of its class, still provide that warm, home cooked goodness of Hainanese food in comfort. You might also want to try some of its other Authentic Dishes such as the Hainanese Pork Chops.

Thinking of throwing a dinner party for that grandma of yours? Mooi Chin might just be the place to go for the enjoyment of everyone! Just take note that the dishes have been toned down for tastebuds more than ours.



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