Heartlanders’ Food Along Yishun Street 22


Chai Tao Kueh. With the Cai Po and sambal fried lovingly to a “pang” state on the inside!

First up! An announcement. As of the 11th of October 2009, I will be officially using my Canon Eos 1000D DSLR Camera as my primary photographic tool when doing my food reviews. It is time for my Fujifilm Finepix Z10fd to take a backseat after accompanying me through over 150 posts in this blog. (And also the fact of a draining battery life and a weakening camera sensor)

Its been some time since I blogged about my outings with my Mama Helen. So today after church, we decided to revisit familiar stalls that have always entertained us with their warm, home cuisine for many months.

The Chai Tao Kueh (Fried Carrot Cake) stall is a key feature in any Singapore Heartland coffeeshop. And the one at Blissful Foodcity Coffeeshop whips up the dish very well. Making it one of the better Fried Carrot Cakes I have eaten as of yet!

The Cai Po was fried within the the carrot cake and it was tantalizing that each bite revealed the salty and slightly tangy texture of the preserved vegetable.

Add that feel to the hint of sambal also mixed within, woosh! Nice. And yes, the egg was fried to a crisp and savoury state with the kueh being tender soft. $2.50 for a small portion, $3.00 grabs a big plate.


Pig Tail Soup ($3.50)

Doesn’t look pretty. But tastes good. Actually its the soup that does the trick. Filled to the brim with a generous portion of herbs, the clear broth gives a savoury warm feeling as each sip trickles down.

The pig tail is however a little tough today, but it is still good. And yes, pig’s tail can be eaten. Don’t frown as you think of Porky the Pig.


Claypot Red Wine Chicken ($4.50) *Just don’t ask me why this is served in a metal claypot

I particularly enjoy the Claypot Red Wine Chicken at the herbal soup stall found in the coffeeshop. The dish is made extremely fragrant with strong wafts of rice wine flowing once served. The red wine is not your Merlot from the wine cellar, but actually a red yeast that is fermented together with Chinese rice wine. Tender chicken aside, this dish is good for that cold rainy day.


I’m getting hungry again looking at this. Somebody stop me!!!


Day or month, rain or shine. I still feel that having grown up in the HDB blocks of Singapore, going to public schools and being one with the community, the local food is still some of the best I have eaten. Wherever I am, I always yearn for this comfort food. This is home, where I must be….

Ok I better stop prattling before this sounds like a National Day Parade article.

IMG_0139 Blissful Food City Pte Ltd
BLK 293
Yishun Street 22 (Opposite Catholic Church)

Burpworthy satisfying comfort food of home =)

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