Healthy R Burger Revolutionizes Burgers


R Burger ($3.80) 

If you like your burgers healthy, R Burger may be the one for you! The franchise from Japan advocates strong claims towards healthy eating and its concept is to drift away traditional notorious beliefs about that good ol’ Cheeseburger from fast food chains.

But to say that it is good, it is rather subjective. I personally found the R Burger to have a very savoury beef meat patty. The miso sauce that is lavishly topped on the meat strikes a mouthwatering umami flavour for anyone. Place the Ume leaf in and a delicate light refreshing scent subdues the heaviness of the beef. Good tasting, but unfortunately, sticky.

Yes, the soft bun sticks to the hands and teeth. So while it tasted good, it didn’t feel that good. But then again, that’s my own opinion. You may be one of those who love bits stuck here and there. Another point I must raise, I sincerely thought the patty was made from pork. It tasted so much like it.


Avocado Cheese R Burger ($4.30)

Bring in the Avocado Cheese R Burger. 50cents more grabs you an R Burger topped with Cheese, Avocado, tomatoes and lettuce. I tasted more cheese than avocado. And the melted cheese masked any scent or flavour of the beef patty itself. I don’t really think that is a good thing. The green fatty vegetable itself simply couldn’t carry its own weight in this arena. Once again, cheesy cheddar wins the round.


Ok thoughts aside, R Burger does seem like an innovative concept. Its prices are also average but I think it will take time before the public sees it as a definite revolution. Otherwise, I think it can only take place as an alternative and not a replacement.

Megamac, anyone?

DSCF9319 R Burger
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn

Now begins the era of Healthy Burgers..I wonder if that’s an oxymoron.

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