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What do my mum and Christmas have in common? Well, they share the same date for one! And at the stroke of midnight with bells tolling in beautiful chimes in Church, it signifies the coming of Christ and my mum turning 50!

The Holidays are here! Christmas is today and let the festivities begin! Mum’s birthday cake this year comes from Swensons with their hugely popular Ice Cream Log Cakes. A log pure decadence itself, this Nutty Noel version was smooth, delicate and creamy with a firm texture that longed to be eaten. But then again, the decoration is so pretty in itself that I simply had to take a picture of it first.


Christmas is a time to be with your loved ones. And a time to enjoy this heartwarming moment. It is also a day that hints the coming of the New Year. But what has all these joyous moments got to do with a simple log cake? There are many reasons and references behind it, but perhaps the one I identify and appeal to the most would be that the Yule Log is burned in the fireplace to welcome Christmas and with its warmth bonding the family closer together.

We each all have our own way to celebrate Christmas, and as for me, this year I am bringing my grandmother, mum and dad for Christmas dinner at RISE at Marina Bay Sands.


The bells are ringing and the carols on my Youtube Playlist are being played, so while the time ticks closer to a beautiful morning, let the festivities begin. Merry Christmas!

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