Happy Birthday 17/07


Blackforest (looks like Whiteforest though) cake from Bengawan Solo

Happy Birthday 17/07! One year has passed by so fast and we are soon ending our school term.

It seems like we are one of the few (maybe even only) class that does class birthdays each year. This class spirit that we have is what really binds us all together and I am very delighted to be with you guys =) We have been through so much, like Service Learning, Sandcastle Building and even today’s Dinner escapade at some unknown restaurant at Upper Thomson. Till then, all the best for our future endeavours!


You light up my life ( or rather…cake)

Oh yeah the cake was quite delicious. Blackforest from Bengawan Solo. Nice and creamy with fruits on top and in between the layers of cake, I suspect that its either grapes or glazed cherries that have been laid to rest there. Hearty cake for the occasion!