Hainanese Pork Chops…Are You Hungry?

DSCF3226 Hainan 2nd Street Coffeehouse
16 Purvis Street
Near the National Library at City Hall
Contact : 6333 3550
Open Daily from 7am to 10pm

Crispy pork chops, succulent in every bite.


Hainan 2nd Streeet Coffeehouse Speciality – Hainanese Pork Chops!

Nothing beats having a perfectly deep-fried, crumb coated, crispy yet tender Pork Chops tantalizing your palate! The Hainanese Pork Chops is very different from what you see at Western stalls, with their version being deep fried compared to the Westerns who grill theirs.

Hainan 2nd Street Coffeehouse is one of the many more prominent Hainanese Coffeehouses and restaurants situated along Purvis street. While arguably not as famous as Chin Chin or Yet Con, it is still a fighter in the Hainanese food scene.


The Hainanese Pork Chops of 2nd Street is possibly better than Chin Chin’s. There is a crispy exterior with a firm bite through the meat inside. Furthermore, each piece is tasty and succulent.

If you visit 2nd Street, you have to try their Pork Chops. I went there specially for it and it left me satisfied.

Price : $9 (Medium Serving) Rating for Hainanese Pork Chops :  


As standard fare, I ordered the Hainanese Chicken. It was rather average and nothing to boast about. The meat was tender and soft, with the skin not being too sticky or chewy. There was a fare amount of soy sauce and sesame oil drizzled on the poultry, but comparatively, I prefered Yet Con’s Chicken, whose skin is so yellow it will possibly remind you of the good old days.

Rating for Hainanese Chicken :



The chilli sauce at 2nd Street is a must try for Hainanese Chilli fans. There’s a saying that goes

"If the sauce is good enough, you can even eat it alone with rice"

I have to agree. Wallop huge servings of 2nd Street’s chilli with their Chicken rice, add a meat or two, and you have a mouthful of ….burp..



Hainanese Mutton Soup – Herby and Excellent

I particularly enjoyed the Hainanese Mutton Soup served at 2nd Street. The broth was strong, clear and tasty, while the portions of liao (ingredients) were generous. Comparatively better than the one I tasted at Mooi Chin (at Golden Landmark Hotel), but in the mutton selection department, 2nd Street’s choice is sub-par to the one at Mooi Chin whose meat is oh so tender a
nd soft.

Price : $8 (Medium Serving) 

Rating for Hainanese Mutton Soup :


Hainan 2nd Street Coffeehouse is just one of the many Hainanese food establishments located along Purvis Street. With so many, it is inevitable that comparisons will be made across board. However, 2nd Street does not disappoint and is an excellent coffeehouse to visit for your above average Hainanese fare.

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