Gryphon Tea Presents, The Grand Cru Collection!

The Gryphon Tea Company is set to release its new Grand Cru Collection, 24 exclusive selections of single origin loose tea leaves to delight all tea lovers. To further impress the palate on the true flavour complexities available, Gryphon Tea recommends the use of Fiji Water to bring out the deep aromas from within. The Grand Cru Collection, as the ultimate in luxury tea for the Gryphon Tea Company comes with a personal doorstep delivery service to each client for a limited period. Talk about the finest tea treatment.

I attended a Gryphon Tea and Fiji Water appreciation ceremony on Saturday, and it was my first time pairing artisan water with the loose tea leaves. We all had a water tasting session first, and it was quite apparent on how different each type of water was.

On its own, Fiji water is cleaner and smoother, with a texture almost like silk. It is refreshing and quite different from spring water which is more metallic and sharp in flavour. Comparing it to distilled water, the latter stands with an almost neutral taste that was just, water. As Fiji water leaves a soft after texture that is said to bring out the flavours of the tea, Gryphon Tea call it the perfect water to complement the brewing of the fine tea leaves.

The Tea Appreciation ceremony was conducted by Gryphon Tea Company’s owner Mr. Lim Tian Wee. Tian Wee introduced the entire group to five unique selections for the day.

  • Silver Needle
  • Gyokuro Pearl Dew
  • Dan Cong Magnolia
  • Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope
  • Vintage Pu’Erh Circa 2003

Silver Needle, Gyokuro Pearl Dew, Dan Cong Magnolia, Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope, Vintage Pu’Erh

Each of the tea selection comes from a single terrace, allowing the drinker to taste the purity of the tea leaves as the flavour remains unique to that particular plantation.

Silver Needle

I particularly enjoyed the White Tea Silver Needle. An Imperial Harvest, the very first when the leaves bud, the tea leaves carry brushes of white ‘fur’ on it. The tasting notes indicate Green Chestnut with mild flowery notes, though for me I found it to be smooth and silky with a mild floral scent almost reminiscent of a jasmine tinge and subtle sweet bitterness at the end. A purely delightful White Tea.

The other tea which struck my fancy was the Vintage Pu’Erh Circa 2003. While Pu’Erh of a lower grade would taste a little like diluted cardboard (putting it harshly), I found this blend to be particularly majestic in flavour. It was perfumed with floral notes that leaves a overflowing warmth as an aftertaste. Delightful!

I didn’t really appreciate the Gyokuro as although it was supposedly a good blend of green tea, the harsh bitterness was not to my liking. It was pure and grassy that was very intense and concentrated in flavour. A personal preference I must add.

The Grand Cru Collection ranges from $38 for White Peony to $78 for an Iron Goddess of Mercy tea. Each tin has a dry weight of tea leaves from 40g-80g and is available through email at : The full collection is available at : Talk about a tea fiesta, this surely is exciting for tea lovers!

Tian Wee and Me