Graze Along To A Morning Brunch At Martin No. 38!

To indulge in brunch, is almost like a perfect start to a beautiful day. Pancakes with berries, mega breakfasts with baked beans, sausages and bacon, pasta, and a good ol’ cup of smooth silky latte with a loving sweet finish, its a dream package all in one. And with delights available all the way till late afternoon, breakfast and lunch can be held at almost any time of the day.


Having brunch at Graze is like dining alfresco albeit in a cool, bright comforting environment with the large windows, white deck chairs and minimal touches of wood and greens. The atmosphere is airy and light, and it encourages one to sit back and enjoy the morning reads while tucking into the sinful but luscious serving of eggs benedict.


Graze at Martin No. 38 is an expansion of the main venue currently still at Rochester Park, where the restaurant is housed in a colonial-styled bungalow with an expansive garden, an escape to a hidden retreat. At No. 38 Martin Road, Graze is housed in its own space nestled amongst the condominiums and walking distance from the Singapore River (cross a road or two). A tranquil like setting, with a leisurely brunch, here comes Graze.

I started off the meal with an Old Fashioned Pancake Stack ($15) from the Brunch Specials at Graze. There is something delightful about pancakes stacked atop each other while layered with berries and served with maple syrup that simply screams heavenly. I enjoyed the serving of honeycomb ice cream which is made fresh in house as the complex sweetness of honey yet scented like the weaving threads of a honeycomb stand out. A marvelous combination with the pancakes. The pancakes itself were decent, though it would have been perfect if there were maybe another two pieces and maybe a slightly thicker serving per piece for the decadent effect.


What’s brunch without Eggs Benedict ($19) ? Served upon slices of toasted brioche, a good dollop of hollandaise sauce and a choice of mortadella, smoked salmon or baby spinach, this is breakfast to be epitomised. The toasted brioche was found to be meaty and wholesome and a wonderful combination with the smooth egg with the burstful surprise of yolk within. The hollandaise sauce, itself thick and bright yellow with the touch of slight acidity added a sparkle to the dish. Good with a decent presentation, though the yolk could be better runny and creamy.

The Signature Cast Iron Pan ($24) is the traditional remix of the good big breakfast you have always dreamed of. Choice of 2-free range eggs (either poached, fried or scrambled), served with hash browns, bacon, chipolata, baked beans, roasted vine tomato and mushroom, this is a mini feast in one. I was very taken with the serving of caramelized sweet onions served within as well as it made any pairing with the other ingredients very seductive. Nicely done, but not entirely surprising.


I next had the Prawns 3 ways – tempura, grilled & poached, coconut sorbet ($17). Huge prawns, delicious coconut sorbet, good for those who like prawns, but I am puzzled about this dish.

And there is a selection of salads available, so for the morning, I had the Caesar salad, poached egg, crispy pancetta, mayonnaise, parmesan, baked garlic herb toast ($16). The crispy pancetta and baked garlic herb toast add much to contrasting the textures with crunch and bite to the smooth greens. For savoury flavours, the anchovy mayonnaise spread leaves touches of tasty notes here and there. A decent salad, though the addition of pan-roasted prawns ($23) did little to uplift the dish further.

This is possibly the biggest highlight for me of the day. Pan-roasted barramundi, orange & beets salad, green chilli almond mayo ($24). Let me slowly deconstruct the flavours for you. Start off with the crispy barramundi with its meaty and juicy interior. The bright clear flavours are further scrubbed to shine with the sprinkling of rough sea salt on the top. Follow the cut through to the slices of beets and orange, both of their own sweetness, bright crunch, and touch of citrus flavour, giving a refreshing lift and dimension to the barramundi. Finish the layers off smoothly with the green chilli almond mayo whose hotness is just right in giving that little kick to tickle and tempt the tastebuds further. Yummy, yes!

For the fans of meat, I was recommended the Whole rotisserie baby spring chicken, thick chips, pickled coleslaw ($23). You cannot go wrong with this chicken for its flavourful skin, tender and slightly moist meat. The serving of thick chips were plentiful and roughly cut straight. Cleanse the flavours down with a serving of pickled coleslaw for a smooth, creamy and slightly tart finish.

I was expecting much from the Wagyu burger, melted cheddar, fried egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions, thick chips ($25). The serving looked very attractive, but maybe I was already too full to appreciate wagyu served as a burger. The meat was definitely juicy with a nice touch of pinkish hues within. Topping it off with lovely melted cheddar, a fried egg and sinful bacon, it looks good. But when I tried it, I felt that it was rather ordinary and more flavour is definitely needed to make the dish stand out as a star.

I knew I already had too much, but I couldn’t resist trying the Baked vegetable & molten cheese tart, roast vine tomato, dressed seasonal leaves ($18). The name itself so attractive, I knew I had to share that experience.

Three types of cheese are used to create that molten effect, and it was a good combination of umami rich vine tomatoes, itself roasted to bring out the savoury flavours. It was delightfully good, maybe because I am a fan of all things cheese, but it was guhhd.

Desserts started off with the traditional dessert of Pavlova, fresh berries, thickened cream, passion fruit sauce, mango sorbet ($10). This meringue based dessert named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, who’s origins is debated between New Zealand and Australia, is a class of its own. Shaped like a lump of rock, tastes like a airy breed portion of honeycomb, cotton, air, and clouds, this was a fantastic dish who’s sweetness was of a tender balance with the tart berries and kiwi fruit, passion fruit sauce. The mango sorbet ended the dish right with a soothing chill and sweet sour delight.


But if warm desserts are a must, there is the Warm apple & blackcurrant crumble, pot of creme fraiche & pomegranate molasses ($10). The tart crumbles very easily revealing the portions of sweetened apple and blackcurrant within. Warm and fuzzy are key words here when slowly partaking in this sweet treat.

Juices are made fresh.

A very fantastic cup of latte with its smooth creamy silky finish.

Cappuccino peeking from behind.



Private dining party options are available.


Takeaway some of the goodies, coffees and biscuits from Provisions, the in-house shop.



Brunch is a spectacular affair when paired with the cozy bright ambience while dining at Graze. With over 40 items on the menu to choose from for brunch, I believe it would be a tempting choice to decide between choices like that pretty Old Fashioned Pancake Stack to entertain the sweet tooth or the Pan-roasted Barramundi for a wonderful sweet savoury combination. On the last Saturday I visited, the restaurant was almost full, I guess as word of mouth spreads, this might be the latest hangout to head to for that lazy morning-afternoon brunch.

Many thanks to Danielle from Ate Consulting for the invitation.

Martin No. 38
38 Martin Road
Singapore 239059

Tel: 6509 1680

Opens from :
Lunch Tue – Fri : 12pm – 3pm
Dinner Tue – Sat : 6pm – 11pm
Brunch Sat – Sun : 10am – 4pm
Wine Bar Tue – Sun : 12pm – closing
Closed on Mondays, and on Sunday dinner.