Gourmet News: Old Hong Kong Legend Celebrates Grand Opening!

Old Hong Kong celebrated the Grand Opening of their Legend flagship restaurant at Raffles City Shopping Centre yesterday to great fanfare from rowdy prancing lions and the thrill of great old traditional Chinese lion dance music. It was a grand auspicious start, and all guests were treated to The Maestros’ Menu featuring dishes from Michelin Chef Ng Sui Hong and Old Hong Kong Legend’s Executive Chef Yau Ching Ping.

Executive Chef Yau Ching Ping and Michelin Chef Ng Sui Hong shared a moment with the crowd before heading back to the kitchens to continue preparing the 6 course menu for all.

To start off The Maestros’ Menu, there is the Chicken Puff with Whole South African Abalone, Kalimeris with Spiced Beancurd and Deep-Fried Beancurd Rings. A chic presentation for the appetizer, the main highlight was the Chicken puff with Whole South African Abalone for its rich flavours and velvety textures.

The first main to be served was the Braised Imperial Bird’s Nest and Phoenix Shark’s Fin with Minced Chicken. The generous serving of Bird’s nest in the middle of the rich consomme reminded me of crystals floating, it would have been great if the shine went beyond the looks.

Seafood and egg yolk has always been a perfect match because of the contrast between the sweet meat and the slightly salty savoury deep flavours from the yolk. Lobster in Pumpkin Egg Yolk Sauce was a laudable attempt in marrying the flavours together, though personally the pumpkin egg yolk sauce was an interesting new flavour for me with the natural sweetness of the pumpkin being infused within.

From the entire menu, the star grabber of the entire show goes to the Sui Hong Signature Braised Pork Belly. Paired with slices of steamed buns, the extremely tender pork belly with melt in the mouth fats carried a deep complex floral aroma that leaves a lasting sweetness and savoury lust on the tongue. Oily, but a worthy touch of decadence in a cup.

Two desserts were served and the most unique goes to the Glutinous Rice Balls in Osmanthus Brandy. Once again, floral sweetness makes its mark here as the end of the entire course with a rich flavour exuding from the Osmanthus petals. The glutinous rice balls were a very nice touch in providing textural contrast and a little something to soak up the sweetness at the bottom.

Old Hong Kong Legend is serving The Maestros’ Menu from the 11th – 13th April. An eye opener to the flavours and cuisine offered, I wouldn’t mind making a return visit. And perhaps then I can find that legendary dish which I’ve been waiting for.

Thank you Red Dawn Communications for the invitation and Victoria, Director Old Hong Hong, for hosting the dinner.

Old Hong Kong Legend
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel : 6336 3038
Opens from 1030am – 1030pm