Gourmet News : New Zealand Food and Beverage Connection

New Zealand, I imagined a thought about it and the first thing which struck my mind is ever rolling plains of green, with clear bright blue sky and the occasional cotton cloud in the air. The sun is bright, the air is fresh. I’ve not been to New Zealand but that’s what I can see with my eyes closed. That same country is highlighted as one of two countries which exports more than half its total food production throughout the world.

Present at the New Zealand Food and Beverage Connection were representatives from the various key F&B industries of Dairy, Seafood, Meat, Fruit and Vegetables, Specialty Foods (do I hear wine and cheeses), and even Beverages (there was this bottled cocktail I had once, mmm now I know its from New Zealand)

For some snacks, there is the extremely greenish guacamole which goes very well with biscuits as a dip. Originally Mexican though, but hey, food is diverse enough to appear everywhere.

With all these New Zealand products conglomerating in one feature event, it is hard to miss that NZ products are coming to Singapore in a big way. Let’s hope for more cheese and probably that favoured cocktail to appear in my nearest supermarket. But where’s that Pavlova? They should have it instant, in a packet!!