Gourmet News : Joselito Iberico Ham comes to Singapore at SANTI!


In all its hard truths, each passing day I am introduced to foods I’ve yet to encounter before. And when I was told Joselito is said to be the proprietor of the “most prestigious Iberico ham in the world”, I was keen to set my tastebuds on it. The Sunday Times in today’s edition portrays finely cut slices of Joselito Iberico ham and places a picture with the title of “World’s Best Ham”.


Indeed, the presentation of the Joselito Iberico ham, thinly and artfully sliced into strips of translucency, are a rich velvety red in colour. The flavours are smooth on the palate with a mild saltiness that hints at the natural meaty aroma within. Roundedly nutty with a personal feel of lesser than normal sharp tastes and acidity, the ham borders on sweetness when paired with slices of baguette topped with seasoned crushed tomatoes to bring out the umami richness.


A little write up on the Joselito Iberico ham expresses that each Iberico pig is allowed to roam freely and unrestricted at the Dehesa in the southwest of Spain. Its diet of acorns is said to give the ham its distinctive flavour. When it comes to ingredients, only salt and ham is used. The long drying and ageing process can be up to 5 or 6 years.


At the little get together, His Excellency Federico Palomera Guez, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to Singapore was present to grace the event and with a little sharing of the gourmet Spanish foods.


SANTI from the 2nd to the 9th of April will be featuring a special dinner set menu featuring the Joselito Iberico ham. A pairing option of Champagne of one glass per course is also available. Excited? This is probably a must try for all those Joselito Iberico ham lovers who have longed for its taste to finally make its way to Singapore.