Fukuichi, Rediscovering Japanese Gastronomy at TripleOne Somerset!

My visit to Fukuichi at TripleOne Somerset last Saturday was more in sight of a discount brochure at hand rather than deciding straight up I wanted to have Japanese cuisine for lunch. It was a quaint and delightful find however. Its menu, with the standard fare of traditional Japanese cuisine, comes equipped with unique dishes that seek to blend flavours thoroughly together. And for the locality, perched on the 2nd floor overlooking a section of the back streets of the shopping district, dining at this restaurant is an experience made new altogether.


I caught a glimpse of Leslie’s article recommending the Kani Tofu ($6), and with the description of it in the menu having a crab tofu immersed in century egg sauce, I was well tempted. While my recent visit to Sushi Tei had me tasting a very similar dish, I would say that I personally preferred the one at Fukuichi for a more earthly well developed century egg flavour rather than the sweeter variant at Sushi Tei. Furthermore, the tofu at this restaurant is made specially with crab meat, giving a resultant full bodied texture that is firm and meaty to the bite. Excellent.


Sets are available during both lunch and dinner at Fukuichi, so for that fine Saturday afternoon, I had the Bento Set ($35). It was a varied assortment with portions good enough for two small eaters actually if you order an additional rice.

Start off with the salad, a decent combination of lettuce, red cabbage and a topping of special tangy sauce. Nice enough for a refreshing starter.


What blew me away was the next dish of Chawanmushi. Lifting the lid, the smooth savoury fragrance of the stock engaged the senses. Great start. Then the firm yet melt in the mouth egg custard really struck the tastebuds. Steaming hot with the flavours fully exposed, it was a beautiful experience and one of the best servings of chawanmushi I’ve had.


The main bento set came as it was a spread of 5 different dishes. As the restaurant did not have eel for the day, I topped up $2 to change the portion to a serving of soft shell crab.


Assortment of Sushi and Tamago


Sashimi of Maguro, Sake and Amaebi


Tobiko Makimono


Soft Shell Crab


Assorted Tempura

The assortment available from the Bento Set were a clear selection of favourites. Each portions of the sushi and sashimi were fresh and crisp, and the tempura a good attempt. While I appreciated the crispiness of the soft shell crab, on hindsight I thought that a serving of good quality eel with a sweet sauce would do the set more justice in contrasting textures between dishes. So perhaps, I should I have gone with the recommendation of terriyaki salmon, but the soft shell crab in the menu just looked so good.


This next dish of Gyuniku, Fagura Sauce ($30) is really more fusion that strictly Japanese. However, my ordering of this dish led me to rediscover Japanese gastronomy as while the principles of Japanese style cooking were used, it was complemented by a serving of sweet savoury sauce infused with smooth foie gras. The cubes of beef were excellently grilled, leaving a crisp outer layer and a burst juicy interior. Dipping that with the earthy salty tones of the sauce, each piece becomes a luxurious delight. A real thumbs up for this dish!


Bento Set Dessert – Match Mochi!


Goma (Black Sesame) Ice Cream – chilled, smoky, smooth, earthy, all with the nutty bits within.


Japanese mini crabs in season!


Sushi bar counter


Outdoor dining area


One of two private rooms


Me and Executive Chef John Phua


The trip to Fukuichi was an unexpected affair altogether. A quaint discovery with excellent keynote dishes on the menu. I will come back for their Kani Tofu, and perhaps venture beyond the sets and the Gyuniku to check out the rest of the menu. With prices that are moderately above the casual Japanese eateries plus being neatly tucked away in the quieter part of town, dining at Fukuichi is an experience all on its own. A real treat, and a delectable lunch.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining Restaurant
TripleOne Somerset Road
Singapore 238164
Tel : 6271 5586
Website : http://www.fukuichidining.com.sg