For The Love Of Cakes, Pastries And Friends At Checkers


Hazelnut Royaltine @ Hilton Singapore

After the very nice lunch at La Strada, we (basically the food bloggers and enthusiasts) headed down to the Hilton Hotel (Singapore) to indulge in some after-lunch desserts and pastries.  We have become a very big group lately.


From what started as a little get together at Rakuzen, it has become a dinner session at Cafe Oliv, tea at Royal Copenhagen, lunch at La Strada and now desserts at Checkers.


I have made many new friends in the food bloggers community. There is Harris from The Simplest Aphrodisiac, Kaelyn from My Food Sirens, Elaine from Divine Essentials, Gavin from Amasou Umasou, Daniel from Memoirs of Food, Phoebe and Chloe from The Food Chapter, Angeline and Janelle from Sistafood (now renamed to Simply Angeline) and Serene (President) of NTU’s Gourmet Club.


Mixed Berries Tart

But now, enough of the chatter as I start to close up the year of 2009, I believe that when there are good friends and company, the food will naturally be at its best.

Out of all the desserts which I had at Checkers, the Mixed Berries Tart looked the most tempting to me. Somehow, the idea of splurging lavishly on fruits and berries on a sweet crisp pastry base is enough to make me crave. While it was appealing in looks, that was a little lacklustre in flavour as I reckon it would have been better if more sweetness was used to contrast the tangy sourness of the fruits. $8.85. Shocking =)


The Lemon Tart ($8.85) is what would naturally be lemony. Not too sour though as a good balance in sweetness is placed in. A crisp refreshing flavour that will clear after each bite and not too heavy to leave you feeling sinful.


I loved the Vanilla Chocolate Cake. Shaped like a dome, it was like a cake full of mystery and surprises within. I half expected it to ooze melted chocolate as I broke the shell. But it didn’t. Instead, the texture was soft and bubbly, a little like viscous chocolate mud (mousse). Tempting, sinful, and a red alarm bell for the calorie watcher.


The Snicker’s Cake has layers of Jivara milk chocolate, peanut caramel, peanut crisps, dark chocolate glaze all lying on a biscuit Joconde. Not too bad for its rich nutty flavour. $8.85 for a small slice.

_MG_0707 _MG_0727

Carrot Walnut Cake & Coffee Moka Finger

The Carrot Walnut Cake and Coffee Moka Finger were rather ordinary to me. Nothing too impressive that left me going wow, ooo or gosh. Still, the carrot cake was thick and heavy and the coffee moka finger had a layer of perhaps sweetened caramel on the top where I think it should taste more like coffee. $8.85 and $6.95 respectively.

_MG_0675 _MG_0665 _MG_0681

Checkers is supposedly reputed for its Cheesecakes. With an assortment of varieties like Marble, Walnut and Blueberry cheesecake, I expected each to
be unique and different. However, each cheesecake seemed increasingly similar to the other with only a different flavouring being used. Yet, for its rich and decadent flavours, It is still hard to fault any slice. $11.20 for one slice.


The Christmas spirit is still in the air and the new year baby is getting ready. For all those that I have met through this journey, thank you. And for the new foodie adventures to come, heh, I will be excited and ready.

Checkers is a lovely place to dine and enjoy a slice of cake and pastry. With a soothing ambience, it is akin to make any day, a holiday.

_MG_0606 Checkers
Hilton Hotel
581 Orchard Road
Tel : 6737 2233