For He’s A Jolly Good Crab Roe


Was supposed to meet my primary school best buddy Han Leng for dinner today, but unfortunately I had to attend driving training in the afternoon till evening. So for Han Leng, I owe him a raincheck. When I came back just now, mom had already bought live crabs to cook for dinner. A simple meal, yes it was to be a simple meal. After relishing the cold yellow roe crabs at Asia Grand, she decided to get me (somehow I always end up cooking) to replicate the dish.


Dad didn’t get a very good shot at taking a picture of the crabs. But yeah, you can literally see Sheng Siong’s tanks stuffed all over.

Well, what I created in the end would actually be steamed crabs served with a dip of tangy sweet, gingery spicy vinegar sauce. For the rest of the taste, I leave it all to the natural  beauty of the hardy crustacean.


Tempted? (Read the whole article to look at more!)

At Sheng Siong just now, my parents bought 2 female mudcrabs for $20. And with the chance of lady luck smiling and the discovery of that four leave clover lookalike in my flowerpot (dad still insists its just a weed), both beauties contained lovely orangey red rich crab roe that simply was screaming for it to be eaten. (And my doctor on the other end screaming at me for eating it)


Very nice lively crabs which attempted to escape even though their claws were tied. I was literally jumping around trying to get a good shot without getting in the crab’s way.


Now how could 2 large crabs be enough for the three of us? Naturally, my mom sought to pick out 3 flower crabs at shocking price of $6 for all three of them. Also alive whilst not as jumpy as the mud crabs, one of them was actually making a bubbling sound. Hmmm, singing while waiting to be cooked? Who knows?


They (the crabs) lived for a long time. But in 5 minutes, all of them were chopped, cleaned and ready to be steamed. Seriously, the more I look at that roe, the more I want to eat it. But now that I already have (I finished my crabby dinner before writing this post), I feel a little guilty…just a little. I promise.


Well simply steam the crabs up for about 35 minutes over boiling water and prepare the vinegar dip. I used

  1. 200 ml black vinegar (the ones used to make pork trotters for childbearing ladies Corrected : It is actually the one used for Sharksfin soup.)
  2. 1 tablespoon of sugar
  3. 40 grams ginger. Julienned and pressed with the back of a spoon.


Mix them all together and if you like, add a few tablespoons of the crab juices that are left in the platter after steaming. Now use that as a fantastic dip to balance the palate and give a refreshing kick to the crabs!


Like treasures waiting to be found.


I think its time to LET THE PARTY BEGIN!

This photo can be a promotional photo for restaurants! And taken with a digicam. Imagine that.