Flavours of Marriott, A Peek At The Delicacies Available!


Looking for places to dine at can sometimes be quite hard. What more with the wide variety of choices available adding on to the confusion. I am glad to be here today to throw a spanner in the works by featuring some tidbits found from the restaurants at the Marriott Hotel. Located in the heart of Orchard Road, Marriott has 5 distinct restaurants and cafes to cater to all. From the buffet stalwart Marriott Cafe to the fancy Chinese dining experience at Wan Hao, let’s now take a look at some of the delights out for offer!


Executive Sous Chef Matthew Van Der Zwan and Executive Chef Kevin Thomson.


The front of Marriott Cafe and the general lobby after its latest refurbishment now features the quick deli Java+. With a selection of premium meats, cheeses, cakes and sandwiches up for sale at the counter, the deli is an inspiration of tapas style dining while enjoying that cup of steaming coffee or velvety red wine.


Sliced and ready to go for the night


The cheese balls was a real heartening experience. Crumbly and crispy on the outside, with a smooth warm sensation as you bite through the shell, these are easy pickings to fill the tummy and definitely a delight when hot!



Special mention goes to this tomato infused creation. The subtleties of flavour are hardly expected as I would immediately think of this as a tomato sauce of sorts. But when paired with some bread or crackers, the explosion of rich umaminess together with a peppering of herbal flavours and the tangy sweetness of the concoction got me craving for more. An excellent creation, packed with wonderful intensity in all its simple appearance and recognition.



Caesar Salad prepared fresh!

When we took the elevator up, I expected us to head to Wan Hao. But then we went a level further and emerged at the landings of Pool Grill. It was my first time there and the ambience was a mix of tranquil water glossiness from the pool and the slightly tepid open air environment.


Pan Seared Foie Gras


The view from Pool Grill. Exotic.


After the short pit stop at Pool Grill, we headed down to Wan Hao where BBQ Chef Yuen Fook Kong were waiting for us. It was preparation for the classic Peking Duck.



The glistening skin


Then I was further surprised with the presentation of Iberico Char Siew. As the cut for the char siew comes from the shoulder of the Black pig, each serving is a prized delicacy. Fatty and smooth, filled with the deep roundedness of flavour brimming with a contrast of the sweet char siew sauce, this was char siew hybridity excellently done. I kept going back for more.


Wok-Fried Murray Bridge Beef Tenderloin with Chilled Marinated Sour Plum Pear


Down at Crossroads Cafe, I was treated to bar bites of fried squid. Deceptively simple and boring, I was amazed at the crispiness of the skin sparkled with the light flavours of squid revealing from within.


And a petite serving of Wagyu Burger. Marvelous combination of tastes though with the sweetness of the onion complementing nicely with the juicy patty and the sharp tanginess of the cheese.


The Marriott Cafe Buffet Spread


Roast Pork Belly Roulade


The Seafood Paella from Marriott Cafe deserves honourable mention for its rich flavours, and rice simmered in a lobster bisque. Savoury, umami rich with the fresh intensity of the sea all over, this was a wholesome experience in every small nibble.


Executive Pastry Chef Jason Fraser presenting to us his desserts


My favourite, the Eton Mess! There’s a outstanding portion made with Macadamia nuts and fresh mango together with cream at the buffet line. This berry and meringue original was just as good.



The Old School English Trifle is the latest creation available at the hotel. Layered with complexities ranging from sponginess to the alluring smoothness at the top, this was a dessert that would leave you satisfied to the end. I enjoyed the touch of alcohol throughout =D


Chef Thomson, Me and Chef Matthew

Each restaurant and cafe at Marriott has their own unique offering and spread of delicacies for all guests to partake in. I would definitely love to visit Wan Hao again, most likely with my family, to share the experience of that excellent serving of Iberico Char Siew as it was the most memorable dish for the night. Restaurants like Marriott Cafe and Crossroads Cafe are a great place to chill especially with friends after a long day. The Pool Grill is maybe not too much to my liking because of the touch of humidity that exemplifies the tropicalness of Singapore’s weather. Interesting and unique dishes from the flavours of Marriott, I am sure this really doesn’t help in your decision making process for choosing the next place to dine at. But then again, may be it does =D Ciao!

Thank you Marriott Singapore for the invitation