Feel Squashed With The Crowd All Around @ Hokkaido Fair 2009 (19 – 29 Jun )

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The Hokkaido Fair is back again! Hosted at the basement level of Isetan Scotts, a wide range of Hokkaido goodies are up for grabs. While a familiar sight for those who frequent the yearly event, the lustre of the fair undeniably attracts crowds. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to go there on a weekend like I did. Pack to the maxed. Took me about 5 minutes to walk 5 metres.

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Deep Fried Curry Bun ($2.80)

DSCF6558 Ahh the tender loving Deep Fried Curry Burn. Somewhat different from the one I remembered eating last year. This one had more filling in it, the curry sweeter and the chunks of potatoes laughing straight at you.

A perfect indulgence. (if you don’t mind it dripping with oil)



Scallops galore

I’ve never seen this before, except maybe in Hong Kong restaurants, cafes and coffeeshops. Well, these are the Japanese take on Siew Mai (Shao Mai, whatever you call it). Essentially somewhat similar ingredients, except with a Japanese twist. Bought one of each variety. While it looks impressive, it felt a little ordinary to me. But definitely a new experience.




Xiao Long Bao Look-a-like competition is still on. Next competitor!

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Hungry for Red Bean or Custard Cream Pancakes?


Looks droolworthy.

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 Left to right : Japanese Rice Condiments, Dangos, Salted Fish Roe

I’d say that these are the sections where many Singaporeans go crazy for. Hardly one word needs to be mentioned about samples. Just place a little bowl there with the samples in it, a bottle of toothpick at the corner, sit back and see everyone grabbing for a bite.


Baskets full of crackers and beans. Want to try one?

I almost had to fight my way through to get a look even!


Scallops, Scallops, Scallops….and their samples. Burp.

Without doubt, the more popular samples are definitely from the dried scallops section, the salted fish roe booth, the rice condiments front and the crackers baskets. Seriously, we do know how to get to the best stuff for free eh=)

Come on, you know what I am saying is true…


Now these are the ones that caught my eye. Dons with fresh seafood toppings of King Crab, Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe, Squid, and more…Oooo, makes one hungry just by looking at it. Too bad the price was a little out of my reach, or trust me, they would be gone in a second.

Every time I go to the Hokkaido fair in Singapore, I would always leave exhausted and my wallet definitely a little lighter. It amazes me how a crowd puller Japanese goodies can be.(even though its the same thing over and over and over and over again) However, it really is necessary that you bring a shovel so you can wade your way through the crowd and get to that little prized gem of samples sitting right at the counter, waving their toothpicks at you.

The fair lasts only 10 days from 19 Jun to 29 Jun. So if you want a piece of that Hokkaido action, better check it out before its over! Or you can wait for the next one to come in a couple of months time.

Hokkaido Fair is at Isetan Scotts. Take the train and alight at Orchard MRT Station.

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