Fatboy’s The Burger Bar – Foodie’s Get-together To See How Its Done!

Juicy and mouthwatering, that’s my initial thought when I bit into the party portions of Fatboy’s beef burgers. With about 15 Foodies conglomerating as one at inSing’s recent get-together the previous Saturday for a grill-licious lunch, everyone was treated to a “behind the scenes” view on how the thick and juicy patties at Fatboy’s were made.


We visited the outlet along 18 Mohamed Sultan Road located at The Foundry where this neighbourhood beer alley has other tantalizing cuisines such as Thai, Mexican and a North Indian Tandoori kitchen.


It was a very hot, hot, hot day. But nevertheless, let the demonstration begin.

It quite impressive to see how easy it is to make a Fatboy’s burger. A number of seasonings are used in this beef burger demonstration. Namely, salt, breadcrumbs, crushed black pepper, worcestershire sauce and garlic powder. But that’s it! Mix it all up with the minced chuck tender, mould it into a patty, and its ready for the grill.


Fatboy’s believes the meat to bun ratio should be about 50:50 so that both the burger and the bread will complement each other well. Seriously, that chunk of meat is making me hungry at this hour.


Clockwise : Regular Sesame, Wholemeal Whole Wheat, Honeyoat Infused with Caramel

Three types of buns are used – The Regular Sesame, Wholemeal Whole Wheat (3Ws as I call it), and the Honeyoat Infused with Caramel.


But enough of the demonstrations, its time for some hand’s on experience!


Everyone must be hungry.

Well, even with the mould, I think it takes some practice before a nicely shaped patty can be achieved. Compare the one on the left and the one on the right. Hmmm.


The menu at Fatboy’s has Crispy Hot Wings, but for the lunch we all had Crispy Hot Drumlets (unless they call the drumlets wings). Lipsmackingly good, and nicely charred around the edges, it was excellent though a little drier than what I would love. It was almost too easy to polish this off. But my mind was telling me “restrain restrain!”

Now the Mozzarella Cheese Sticks are definitely one of better cheese sticks I’ve had around. Admittedly, when I first took this I didn’t know what it was. But as I bit into it and was surprised by the stringiness of the melted mozzarella, I was like “Oh my gosh”. Good as a sinful finger food, it still needed lots of sauce for extra flavour as the cheese itself is quite bland.

Crispy Calamari was also on the menu that day and it was served with a wasabi cream sauce. Very crispy calamari (hence the name) but I did find the sotong, squid, calamari exceptionally chewy. Pass me the knife and fork please. The squid rings were huge and I shudder at the thought of popping it whole in the mouth.

Burgers that day were served a la party size (not available off the menu). Mini burgs to pop into the mouth. They were so cute, but it had to be eaten. We first went for the Beef Burger with Regular Sesame. I took a first bite, and made a mess with the juicy goodness flowing all over my lips. For such a small patty, and that much juice plus that much tastiness, I am trying to pull myself back from visiting FatBoy’s soon. (But I crave for it so.) Impressive, and I do want to try their Fat Basterd.

Apart from beef, Fatboy’s also does up a mean Lamb Burger. Served between slices of Honeyoat infused with Caramel buns, the slightly sweet bread lightened the gameyness of the lamb a notch. Good, but I liked the beef burgers better.

The last burger for the day, the Pork Burger. Made with a mix of bacon, collar loin (the cuts that make char siew) and minced meat, these pork patties were served with the 3Ws (wholemeal whole wheat). Juicy yes, but I found it a little salty. Must be the ketchup.


Fatboy’s surely left a memorable impression with their juicy burgers and its great to see that its made oh so easily. A good mix and match here and there, but I will make it to the list of my “To-Visit” places the next time I visit the Thomson area. And from what I saw that day, all the foodies gathered were really, really full.

Thank you for the experience inSing and Fatboy’s!

Fatboy’s Burger Bar
18 Mohamed Sultan Road