Explore a Refreshed A La Carte Menu at Pete’s Place, Grand Hyatt Singapore


Regular diners at Pete’s Place, Grand Hyatt Singapore may be pleased to note that a new a la carte menu is up for the new year. This new selection of dishes features choices from Northern Italy, a familiar place where the restaurant’s Chef Andrea Bontempi originates. Yet with all the original flavours coming through, it was the Vanilla Panna Cotta with its unique and tart berry compote that left its mark.


Fans of Burrata will be pleased to note that a new selection of Burrata e Caponata ($22++) is now available on the menu. Fresh burrata cheese is set on top of an eggplant salad and dressed with a light drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar. The eggplant’s more neutral, grassy flavour is nicely contrasted with the more robust and deeply scented reduction. The Burrata itself is a pleasure to tuck in to, and an excellent match with the overall light and refreshing flavours.


Newly introduced in the pasta section is the Gamberi e Nero di Seppia ($29++). This squid ink linguine is served with a portion of prawns and calamri, all harvested sustainably. I found the pasta to be lightly flavoured and not intense, complementing the sweeter and savoury flavours of the seafood. It is an interesting first time for me as the squid ink pastas in Singapore tend to be a bit more heavily flavoured, a version that I find closer to my tastebuds.


There is also the Ravioli Astice ($36++). Lobster ravioli is packed with burrata cheese and served with a saffron zucchini sauce. The ravioli is lightly filled and creamy, with its outer shell proving to be an excellent bite through and through. A hearty dish, and definitely very filling.


Central to the philosophy of Pete’s Place is the creation of warm, tasty and hearty Italian cuisine. This dish of Cacciucco alla Livornese ($34++) perhaps embodies that very mindset. As a seafood stew made out of an assortment of fish, squid, prawns and other seafood, it promises a very hearty concoction. While I appreciated its rustic and warm flavours, I also thought that the collaboration of ingredients was a little overwhelming for me with some ingredients standing out a little too strongly. Still, it is good when dipped with the side of homemade bruschetta that originally acts as the base for the dish.


Meat lovers rejoice with the Tagliata di Manzo ($32++). Beef flank is made extremely tender when prepared sous vide, charcoal grilled and then pan seared. It is well flavoured with a strong sweet and tangy fragrance that nicely cuts into the meat.


For desserts, give the Bonnet Astigiana ($10++) a shot. This serving of Amaretti chocolate pudding is paired along with portions of orange blossom and creme. Slightly bitter sweet, a touch citrusy and complemented with a velvety creamy side. This is a range of comfort textures and flavours that will round up the meal.


Personally though, I will highly recommend the Vanilla Panna Cotta ($10++). After such an extensive meal, I frequently look for a dessert that will contrast the entire experience either through its flavour or texture. This time round, the panna cotta’s topping of berry compote proved to be the dealbreaker. Its sour, tangy and acidic flavours was a marvel in itself and excellent paired with the smoother and sweeter panna cotta base.

The dining experience of Pete’s Place is considerably unique as it tries to recreate an authentic Italian flavour and dining experience not frequently found in Singapore. Chef’s idea of the perfect Italian cuisine then is not so much of having strong robust flavours. Instead, it is to allow the ingredients to speak for themselves. What this means is a selection of Italian mains and pastas that are a cut different from the rest. Yet, the most memorable dish for me was the Vanilla Panna Cotta. It is a dessert that I will go back especially for because of its intense acidic flavours that is nicely paired with a good tonality in sweetness. Pete’s Place is a household name in the Italian dining scene, and it will be interesting what else will be offered.

Thank you Grand Hyatt Singapore for the invitation.

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