Experience a Gourmet Safari Dinner like an F1 Racer at Pan Pacific Singapore!

The F1 Night Race is almost unto the streets in Singapore. In its fourth year running, the Singapore Grand Prix will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of September. And in the line up for guests all over the world, Pan Pacific Singapore has set to create an F1 Gourmet Safari Trail 5 Course Dinner Set Menu with a trailblazing night adventure through each of its restaurants of Wine Vault, Keyaki, Hai Tien Lo, Zambuca and finally ending off at The Atrium.

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For every night except Sundays from the 5th to the 23rd of September, only a maximum of 10 persons (minimum 2 to dine) will have a chance to savour this pit stop adventure from start to finish. And if you choose to have the full package which is only available from the 19th to the 23rd, the Safari dinner also comes with a two-way transfer in a chauffeured sports car and a very special surprise. (And I heard its very, very special). And in both packages, a personal staff will be assigned to the couple throughout the night to guide you from location to location.

What’s all this noise, aargh I can’t hear a thing.…Oh look at that car zoom by! O.O Its so fast!


The journey begins at the Wine Vault where the night begins with Pre-Drinks and pre course starters to whet the appetite. 


With a Lychee Saketini from Keyaki Bar by the side, which was utterly fabulous with its sweet fruit flavour and airy chilled alcohol, Executive Chef Sheldon Tan entered to introduce the hors d’oeuvres for the first station.

IMG_6588 IMG_6593

The first was Packham Pear Soup with Scallops Skewers. Simple as it may look, start off with the scallop skewers for a first cut at the briny ocean yet with a crisp and clear aftertaste. And then to wash the flavours down, engage with the Packham Pear Soup in slow sips. The warm smooth buttery texture, coupled with the deep earthy heavenly aromas of savoury creamy fragrance and then the revelation of smooth sweetness at the edge was a very memorable start. So much so, that even now I think about it.


And then move on to the Sweet Potatoes with Mushroom Truffle Cream. Itself a ball of delight, the sweet potatoes in its first bite brings out the sugar tenderness from within, and then the slight earthern flavours from the truffle cream coax the sweetness down in smooth harmony. Very, very good.


After having your fill of food and drinks,and at your leisure, its time to move over to the next pit stop.


And for the next pit stop : Keyaki Japanese Restaurant

Be guided past the serene Japanese landscaped garden surrounding the restaurant.

IMG_6611 IMG_6613

Meet interesting creatures and the tranquillity of the fish along the way.


Then as the adventure takes a breather, appetizers are served.

IMG_6622 IMG_6624 IMG_6625

Sakura Shrimp Chips, Herbal Tea Jelly and Tea Fish Noodle, Sea Urchin on Macha Tofu

Executive Chef Hiroshi Kagata’s creation for the spread of appetizers to savour include the Herbal Tea Jelly with Water Shield and Pear, Sea Urchin on Macha Tofu, Sakura Shrimp Chips, Mashed Prawn and Tea Leaf, Macha Lily Root Ball, and Tea Fish Noodle with Soba Sauce. Each are inspirations from Suzuka City in Japan where the Japan F1 Grand Prix is held.

Through the light assortment, my favourite of all would be the Macha Lily Root Ball. Unassuming and sitting quietly in the corner, this white ball packs a savoury punch through and through. Its texture is also unique, with it bordering powdery fineness and a smooth creaminess.


And to accompany the meal, there is the Sparkling Sake. Sweet, and simply intoxicating. Its like a glass of bubbly, but with the quintessential finesse that makes it more unique.

IMG_6629 IMG_6619

Executive Chef Hiroshi Kagata


The next stop is to one of Singapore’s probably most well known Chinese restaurants : Hai Tien Lo. Located on the 37th floor with a view that goes all the way round, it is a magnificent place to enjoy the shimmering lights of the night.


At this station, Executive Chinese Chef Lai Tong Ping whips out the Pepper Salt Shanghai Small Yellow Fish on Green Mango Salad. This Shanghainese creation was chosen with significance of Shanghai City hosting the UBS Chinese Grand Prix. The fish was well seasoned with it being deep fried to a perfect crisp yet with the meat still juicy and brilliant. Pairing it with the Green Mango Salad is a unique take but it nicely cleanses the palate.

IMG_6641 IMG_6634

White Wine for the night : Reser Perrin

IMG_6651 IMG_6650

The view of the hotel in a different angle, Executive Chinese Chef Lai Tong Ping


Be guided to Zambuca where the Wagyu awaits.


Preppy, sleek decor in the restaurant and bar.


Left to Right : Oxtail Roulade, Beef Wellington, Grilled Rib Fillet

And then for the main, the Blackmore Wagyu Trilogy. This creation introduced by Executive Chef Sheldon Tan consist of the Grilled Rib Fillet, Beef Wellington, Oxtail Roulade served with Spiced Parsnip, Baby Beets and Brussels Sprouts.

In terms of full bold meaty flavours, the one standing out the most would be the Grilled Rib Fillet. A very nice cut with textures revealing the sweetness of the meat.

And the most unique encounter for me would be the Oxtail Roulade. Wrapped with a decadent slice of bacon, the roulade is one very tender oxtail roll. Oxtail, with its meaty flavours brimming with a sleek dose of fat within, create a savoury flavour that cannot be missed. Pairing that with the slice of bacon, the smoky saltiness act as a flavour enhancer. I miss my Oxtail Stew, the one my family creates with plenty of back bacon bone. Mmmm..

IMG_6653 IMG_6657

Wine Pairing with the Main : Torbreck 2009 Woodcutters Shiraz


Almost at the finishing line, it is now time for Desserts at The Atrium. And if you are lucky, you can choose the private and cozy cabanas lining the perimeter.


Pastry Chef Winnie Goh lends her expertise to the final touches of the night. Mango Parfait on Coconut Sable with Soursop Emulsion, Lemongrass jelly and Lemon Balm Herb. The sweetness from the mango is simply not to be missed, and one that simply signifies the successful end of the race yet with the night still young.

IMG_6691 IMG_6683

Pastry Chef Winnie Goh


The race has ended, and the staff leaves you to enjoy the night.

The F1 Gourmet Safari adventure was a fine dining journey for the night and it is a unique build up in flavour to the races itself. In the mood to really go all out, maybe you and your partner could go dressed as your favourite speedster. There is no need to rush from place to place, but in order to partake in this experience, reservations are limited and required. And if you are really keen for it, why not take a shot at the full package dinner? You might just find something that would surprise you.

Thank you Pan Pacific Singapore for hosting the dinner.

F1 Gourmet Safari
Pan Pacific Singapore
Dinner starts from 7pm

$280++ per person (5th to 23rd September)
$590++ per person with two-way transfer in a chauffeured sports car and a very special surprise. (19th to 23rd September only)

Minimum two to dine.
Reservations close at 10 persons per night.

Reservations : 6826 8240