Enjoy The Smoky Goodness of Boston Lobster Teppanyaki At Sakae Sushi

DSCF7382 Sakae Teppanyaki
30 Sembawang Drive
Sun Plaza #02-21
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Indulge in the smoky goodness of Teppanyaki and satisfy that craving for piping hot food cooked before your eyes!

I’ve had the craving for Teppanyaki for quite some time now and it has been a really long time since I last tasted the “clang clang” goodness of on-the-spot-cooking before my eyes. At Sakae Teppanyaki I ordered the Boston Lobster Set for 2 priced attractively at a special value of $49.90 ++ .

19 July Sakae Sushi (Semb) & MOF

The Boston Lobster Teppanyaki Set Meal

There was a huge spread of Boston Lobster, Half-Shell Scallop, Choice of lovingly charred chicken or lamb (I chose lamb – yummy!), Assorted veggies, Smoked Salmon Salad, Garlic Rice, Miso Soup and Mango Dessert.

Note to all before anyone gets hyped up and jumpy : All portions depicted below are for 1 person except for the Boston Lobster broth which is a shared serving.


First up, the smoked salmon salad was served. A little sweet and tangy from the sauce, the freshness and firm bite of the salmon pieces were beautifully enhanced. Though I did find the lettuce provided a little of a hassle to eat with. Come on, teach me a way to eat Salad gracefully using either a pair of chopsticks or fork. Somehow I have to imagine a rabbit.


The garlic rice was well scented with well…garlic. It was really given a vigorous treatment during the frying process as the chef made each grain whole and fluffy while mixing it thoroughly with the sauces. The topping of dried krill was a plus point to the overall flavour as well.


Ahhh, the half shell scallops. Not too bad on first impression I must say. A little buttery and salty but I felt that the garlic was a little overpowering. Yet still, the scallops were easy to the bite and it went well with the rice.


Miso soup standard of Sakae Sushi. Be sure to mix it thoroughly before sipping. I had the unfortunate experience to drink tasteless hot water before I realised what I was missing.


Now these were impressive. Charred pieces of lamb which were left succulent and juicy! I tasted all natural flavours and the sweetness of the meat came bursting out with every chew. Very good while it lasted.


Somehow veggies are always the least to impress me at a Teppanyaki. It just seemed rather ho-hum. Maybe a little spice up on the presentation would give it a more “wow” factor? Still, the veggies were good with it not being over cooked or over laden with sauce.


The stars of the show always appear the latest. For the boston lobster, they used nearly every part of the crustacean to make into a dish. The heads were simmered over the Tep
panyaki stove in an aluminum foil to make hearty and savoury lobster broth. The tenderness and sweetness of the lobster meat was a major factor for the oomph scoring in this serving.


As for the lobster tail, the pieces of flesh were cooked together with a quick whip up of mayonnaise, butter, sauces and spices together with that hint of garlic. I enjoyed this the most as each mouthful gave rise to a creamy, juicy sweet and tart, savoury experience. However, personally, I feel that if a wedge of lemon was squeezed over the dish it would be even better.

And for those who want to indulge in the lobster au nature, there is the huge claw to partake in. Do take note, it is a rather messy experience. I am sure your date wouldn’t want pieces of lobster shell flying around and landing in his/her hair.


End the spread of Teppanyaki flavours with a cool sweet mango ice cream dessert. Having the Boston Lobster set meal at Sakae Teppanyaki was definitely an enjoyable experience and eye opener to the offerings which Sakae serves up. For the set meal priced at $49.90 ++ (available on friday-sunday, eve of PH and PH) and with creative, tender piping hot dishes being served up, it was truly a value for money visit. =)


Naturally being me, I had to order extra dishes for the full-filling experience. These are my favourites !!!

DSCF7344 DSCF7310

 Fried Tofu and Sakae Chawanmushi ($2.29 each)


 Soft Shell Crab – These are especially good. Crispy and crunchy with the insides soft, juicy and refreshing. ($7.99)


Sakae Salad : Indulge in pieces of egg, beancurd, salmon, salmon skin, jelly fish, seasoned seaweed all mixed up with sweet sauce in one big bowl. ($7.99)

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