Enjoy The Best of Plaza Brassiere’s Surf & Turf Buffet from $68++ (18 Feb – 26 Mar 17)!

In her famous book Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi fondly recalls her unconventional school as a child. One of these memories is of her beloved headmaster believing in the importance of a balanced diet in their lunchboxes, dictating that it should contain “something from the ocean, and something from the hills.” I daresay the new Surf ‘N Turf dinner buffet menu at PARKROYAL’s Plaza Brassiere may just become as fond a memory as Kuroyanagi’s own lunches at Tomoe Gakuen.

Curry Flavoured Crab Meat Salad

We start our dinner with a sampling of something from the ocean. If you love crab but hate peeling shells, the chef made the Curry Flavoured Crab Meat Salad just for you. Crab meat is shredded, mixed with with curry leaves, diced pepper, onion, flavoured with curry, and moulded into the shape of two eggs. The final result is an oblong creation of sweet and tangy goodness.

Seafood Bisque

The Seafood Bisque was a conventional but nonetheless delicious creamy soup with a dominantly lobster taste. Topped with some mushrooms, scallops, and a smidgen of lobster meat, the bisque was warmly pleasurable to drink. While I appreciated the strong and rich flavour of the soup, I did find it a bit too salty for my taste. I did give my feedback to the restaurant, and I believe the bisque will be just right when you visit.

Grilled Live Tiger Prawns

The Grilled Live Tiger Prawns were conventional but showcased everything that is simply brilliant about a well-grilled prawn. Butterflied and buttered, everything was perfect. Take as many as you want; it’s a buffet!

Steamed Lobster in Hua Tiao Sauce

There is one caveat at this all-you-can-eat: the Steamed Lobster in Hua Tiao Sauce. It’s a premium dish that Plaza Brassiere can only offer one per diner of, so savour every single morsel of it. Cut out a bit of lobster meat, ensure you have some fried garlic on it, and dip it in the sauce flavoured with cooking wine before you bring it to your lips. At that point, its delicate preparation by the chef becomes clear. Don’t forget to rummage in the pre-broken claw for more meat!

Rosemary Mustard Chicken Pullet

When you’re done savouring the ocean’s delights, it’s time to look towards the hills. The chef finds pride in the humble chicken with his Rosemary Mustard Chicken Pullet. I was surprised to find this dish wasn’t unfamiliar to me; I remember savouring the exact same flavours at a French restaurant with my family where they also served a roasted chicken in a mustard sauce. This chicken at Plaza Brassiere is based on the same classic French dish called poulet à la moutarde: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and mild mustard sauce on the side. C’est delicieux!

Duroc Spanish Pork Collar

Do not assume that the rest of the dishes are French; this buffet is as cosmopolitan as it is amphibious. In another section of the buffet, you can find delectable Duroc Spanish Pork Collar from France’s southern neighbour. The chef has elected to cook the pig to a tender,  gentle, doneness, its slightly pinkish hue demonstrating that it has not reached the complete whiteness of overcooked pork.

Garlic & Pork Bratwurst Sausage

More fantastic meat choices can be found in other dishes from different European provenances, such as the solidly good Garlic & Pork Bratwurst Sausage. For any fan of a good German sausage, this is as good as it gets. Tight, firm casing with a crisp edge where it touched the pan encapsulates some well-packed, evenly cooked sausage mince. It goes without saying homemade mustard with coarse relish is a mandatory accompaniment. If this wasn’t a buffet with so much other food available, I’ll be asking for a bun to put my sausage in and call it a day.

Black Angus Ribeye Steak

But the night is young, and what’s a “surf ‘n turf” without beef? This buffet comes with not one, but two high quality cuts: Black Angus Ribeye Steak, and Wagyu MBS3-4 D-Rump. Any discerning steak lover knows the ribeye is one of the best cuts in the cow, and it certainly didn’t fail to disappoint.

Wagyu MBS 3-4 D Rump

The name of the Australian wagyu beef might seem like a serial number to the uninitiated, but the seasoned beef connoisseur will recognise it as referring to the marbling score (MBS) of the D Rump, a part of the cow that includes the sirloin. While it is not Japanese wagyu, an MBS of 3-4 is considered a decent marbling level with plenty of fat streaking throughout the meat while retaining enough muscle protein for a firm overall texture. Between these two choices of beef, there should be enough cow to satisfy even the most fervent beef eaters.

The lesson behind the aphorism ‘something from the ocean, and something from the hills’ espoused by Totto-chan’s headmaster was that it was surprisingly easy for Totto-chan’s mother to fulfil this lunchbox requirement; a bit of creativity was all that was needed to produce a delicious and wholesome meal. Plaza Brassiere’s Surf N’ Turf buffet brings together some of the best classic preparations of seafood and meat honed over decades in a wide range of different cuisines. Your tastebuds deserve a global education.

Available exclusively from 18th February to 26th March, the Surf ‘N’ Turf dinner buffet starts from $68++, with an unlimited alcoholic drinks option at an additional $18++. Select credit card holders get a further 20% off the total bill, making this a buffet worth saving your appetite for.

Thank you PARKROYAL on Beach Road for the invitation.
Dishes were plated for the media session.

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Surf ‘N Turf (An Oriental Original) at Plaza Brassiere begins on 18th February and ends on 26th March 2017, and is available for dinner from 6-10pm. $68++ for adults and $41++ for children. $18 extra provides unlimited servings of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 20% discount on the buffet price for DBS/POSB credit card holders, and 20% discount on the total bill for UOB credit card holders.